Study Tour

Peru Study Tour 2014 (24 January - 8 February 2014)

The Department of AIS organized a 16-day study tour to Peru in January 2014. In the tour, students had the opportunity to become familiarized with Peru's diverse cultures, natural environments and political dynamics. Travelling from the Amazon jungle to the Andean mountains, students met people in NGOs, universities and different walks of life who helped them understanding the various socioeconomic transformations that Latin America is going through in the 21st century. The focus of our attention was on issues such as the natural wealth and processes of environmental degradation in the Amazon rainforest, the historical legacies and cultures of the Andean region, and the growing developmental impacts of Sino-Peruvian relations. Our Spanish-speaking staff, with ample research experience in the country, organized the tour and served as guides in this unique chance to visit the other side of the world.