An Example of an AIS Master's Course

Course Title: AIS5056 Power and Culture in Buddhist Southeast Asia
Course Leader: Dr Thomas PATTON, Associate Professor, Department of Asian and International Studies
My teaching takes into account the fact that, although students are increasingly interested in Asian religions and cultures, the majority of them will not be continuing on in an academic career in Asian or Religious Studies. I try to help them see why the study of Asia and religion are important and how their coursework will help them in their careers of business, law, medicine, NGO work, and so on. My teaching, therefore, underscores the “real world” importance and application of how what we study plays out in the lives, communities, and nations of Asia. For example, in my course, “Power and Culture in Buddhist Asia,” I design lectures, assignments, and research field-trips to Buddhist temples, both here in Hong Kong and in Southeast Asia, for students to study Buddhism in the everyday lives of people.

I bring my classes to the Creative Media Centre to go on a 3-D "virtual field-trip" to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Dunhuang Caves in China and Hampi City in India. As you will see in the photograph, I act as their virtual tour-guide lecturing them about various cultural and religious aspects we saw along the way.
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