At a Glance

Research Excellence

Politics and International Studies at City University has been repeatedly ranked as the best in Hong Kong in terms of research citations. AIS professors receive far more grants per faculty than their counterparts at other universities. When you come to AIS, you are joining a research-intensive department whose publications are recognised throughout Asia and globally.

Quality Teaching Environment

AIS faculty are regularly recognised for their teaching innovation and excellence. By the time you are awarded your doctoral degrees, most students have acquired at least three semesters of teaching experience. You will be provided with training in delivering classes as well as professional feedback. By the time you graduate, you will be well-positioned to develop your own classes and curricula.

An International Experience

AIS PhDs are usually engaged in fieldwork sites throughout Asia. Departmental and University funding is available to support these activities. At the same time, you will surrounded by a truly international group of professors, all of whom have deep ties to the region. Your fellow PhD students have also arrived from the most diverse set of countries of any department in CLASS, and across our sister departments in Hong Kong! All of which means you will be immersed in an incredible pool of ideas, cultures, and perspectives.


As part of your research training, you will need to take advanced classes in research methodologies and specialist modules. You will also be exposed to the latest ideas in the field via an international seminar series. When PhD candidates have already completed a Masters-level degree there is also the possibility of transferring coursework credits.

After Graduation

Recent graduates have found employment at academic institutions throughout the region and beyond.