Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Asian and International Studies (BSSASIS)

The programme in Asian and International Studies (AIS) explores the exciting centrality of Asia (including Hong Kong) in world affairs, helping students to cultivate knowledge of the politics, cultures, economies, and societies of this dynamic, globe-leading region. With an inter-disciplinary teaching approach that uses social-science concepts built on top of real-world student travel and internship opportunities, AIS equips students with the tools, insights, and mentalities they will need to build rewarding careers so they can have enriched, meaningful lives wherever they may choose to settle and work, in any part of the world. Our graduates take jobs in business, project-planning and management, public relations, politics, research and education, mass media, politics, social enterprises, and non-governmental community organizations – in the Asian region and beyond. They make good starting salaries and report unusually high levels of job satisfaction.

Our most talented and ambitious students can apply to build upon their studies at CityU AIS by pursuing a Joint Bachelor's Degree Program with Columbia University in the City of New York. This Joint Program is generously subsidized so that no student has ever been turned away for lack of funds. AIS graduates of the Joint Program with Columbia are well on their way to becoming world leaders in their fields.

Major Leader: Professor Daniel LYNCH

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