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MA (Honours) International Relations, University of Edinburgh; MA International Humanitarian Action, Ruhr-Universität Bochum/Université catholique de Louvain

PhD Student

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Contact Information

Office: NSB, Room 807
Phone: 3442-6027 / 3442-7340
Fax: 3442-0180
Email: nbagherza2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
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Research Interests

  • Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Management, DPRK, Human Rights, Civil Society
Supervisor: Dr Bradley Williams


  • Political Dynamics in Asia
  • State and Development in Northeast Asia
  • Contemporary International Politics of the Asia-Pacific
  • Traditions of Inquiry in the Social Sciences
  • US Politics and Society
  • Intelligence and National Security

Thesis Topic, Publications & Conference Paper

Publications & Conference Paper

  • Zadeh-Cummings, Nazanin. (2017) Humanitarian Principles and Dilemmas in the DPRK. Paper presented at International Studies Association International Conference, University of Hong Kong.
  • Zadeh-Cummings, Nazanin. (2017) Humanitarian Aid in North Korea: Trust and Personal Relationships. Paper presented at World Congress for Korean Politics and Society, Yonsei University.
  • Contributor to NK News: https://www.nknews.org/author-bio/?author=nazanin-bagherzadeh
  • Bagherzadeh, Nazanin. (2016) The DPRK as an Aid Recipient: From Fraternal Aid to Emergency Aid and Beyond. Paper presented at International Studies Association Asia-Pacific Conference, City University of Hong Kong
  • Bagherzadeh, Nazanin. (2016). Humanitarian and Development Aid in the DPRK. Paper presented at New Authoritarianism in Asia conference, Ewha Woman's University.
  • Bagherzadeh, Nazanin. (2015) Negotiating Humanitarian Access in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Poster presented at A Quest for Humanitarian Effectiveness? conference, University of Manchester.
  • Bagherzadeh, Nazanin. (2014). Inter-Korean family reunions (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS)). Retrieved from City University of Hong Kong, CityU Institutional Repository.
  • Bagherzadeh, Nazanin. (2014). Death in Disaster: Actions and Attitudes Towards Dead Body Management After Disasters in Yogyakarta (Working Paper Vol. 4, No. 2). Bochum: IFHV, Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
  • Discussant for Hugo Slim's keynote speech, 'Humanitarian Ethics', 2012 Humanitarian Congress (Berlin)

PhD Research Thesis Topic

  • Humanitarian aid and access in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
    Brief Abstract: Over the past two decades, over 200 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have worked to deliver humanitarian and development assistance to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, also known as North Korea). Engaging in humanitarian action is difficult in the DPRK. Issues of access are paramount – the nature of the North Korean state requires NGOs to engage in negotiations with the authorities in every step of their work, from needs assessments to evaluations. My research explains what factors influence NGO ability to gain and maintain access in the DPRK. I examine NGO country of origin, religious affiliation, area of work, ability to achieve results, and personal relationships to distill patterns and insight into working with the North Korean state. I argue that even NGOs with backgrounds that the DPRK perceives as adversarial, such as American Christians, are able to enter the country as long as their programmes are in line with the DPRK authorities’ perception of value. Organisations must be willing to deal with restrictions to movement, information, and access in their attempts to deliver effective humanitarian projects.