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Dr Xiaolin WANG 王小林

MA (Kyoto Prefectural University, Japan) PhD (National Kyoto University, Japan)

Associate Professor; Study Exchange Coordinator; Knowledge Transfer Coordinator

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Office: YEUNG-Y7719
Phone: 3442-4639
Fax: 3442-0180
Email: ctwangha@cityu.edu.hk
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Research Interests

  • Sino-Japanese Comparative Philosophy
  • East Asian Comparative Political Thought
  • Kyoto School and Asian Philosophy
  • Luxun and Japan
Dr. Wang's research concentrates on the Sino-Japanese relationships of literature, religion, mythology, and intellectual thought. He has published extensively on these topics since he received his PhD from Kyoto University in1999. Since 2011, He has published seven academic monographs in Japan, Taiwan, Mainland and Hong Kong. He also published a number of articles in peer reviewed journals. His recent publications include The Formation and Development of Japanese National Studies, (Taipei: Linking Publishing, 2013). Studies in Sino-Japanese Comparative Mythology, (Tokyo: Kyuko Shoin Press, 2014); The Literature of Zen Buddhism: The Ten Oxherding Pictures (Hong Kong: Chunghwa Book Co HK, 2015); Studies in Sino-Japanese Comparative Philosophy (Tokyo: Kyuko Shoin Press, 2016) and The The Formation of Kojiki and East Asian Mysticism (Tokyo, Kyuko Shoin Press 2018). He is now working on his eighth monograph of The History of Sino-Japanese Comparative Political Thought. His teaching interests are Japanese culture, Sino-Japanese relations as well as the interaction of East Asian intellectual and political thought.


  • The History of Sino-Japanese Relations
  • Japanese Culture
  • Introduction to Modern Japanese Literature
  • The Japanese Way of Tea: History, Arts, Architecture and Philosophy

Recent Publications

Journal Articles:

  • "The Influence of the Thought of Tathāgata-garbha on Manyoshu" Journal of Japanese language and literature, 『國語國文』(京都大學文學部), Kyoto University, Japan,VOL.86 (4) 2017.
  • “National Studies” in China and Japan, International Communication of Chinese Culture, (2016).DOI: 10.1007/s40636-016-0062-1, Springer, Berlin, Germany, 2016.
  • "The Influence of Early Chinese Mysticism on the formation of Kojiki" ,Journal of Japanese language and literature, 『國語國文』(京都大學文學部), Kyoto University,Japan, VOL.84, (4), 2015.
  • "The Japanese Traditional View of Hanzi and Its Indigenous Faith of Language", Disquisitions on The Past & Present, Institute of History & Philology,『古今論衡』(臺灣中央研究院歷史語言研究所)Academia Sinica, Taiwan.VOL.21, 2010.
  • "The Influence of Dunhuang Yuanwen on Ancient Japanese Literature"NIHONKENKYU, 『日本研究』 (國際日本文化研究センター)International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Japan. VOL.40,2009.
  • "Ming 名 and Yan言:The Development of and Insight from Chinese and Japanese Linguistic Philosophy” Humanitas Taiwanica, 『臺大文史哲學報』(臺灣大學文學院),National Taiwan University,Taiwan, VOL.69, 2008.
  • "A Philological Study on Ancient Japanese Prayer Text Norito" Journal of Japanese language and literature, 『國語國文』(京都大學文學部),Kyoto University,Japan,VOL.77(8) 2008.


  • "The Trajectory of Japanese Kanbun: On Methodology, Achievements, and Possibility",(Co-edited with Senjuro Machi),ISBN9784762936432, Kyuko Shoin Press,(汲古書院), Tokyo,Japan,2019.364pages.
  • "The Formation of Kojiki and East Asian Mysticism", ISBN9784762966200, Kyuko Shoin Press(汲古書院),Tokyo,Japan, 2018,350pages.
  • "The New Philology and Early China Studies",(Co-edited with Jia Jinhua and Chen Wei) ISBN9787208151413,Shanghai Renmin Publishing,(上海人民出版社),Shanghai, PRC, 2018, 330 pages.
  • "Studies in Sino-Japanese Comparative Philosophy", ISBN9789888310739,Kyuko Shoin Press,(汲古書院),Tokyo, Japan,2016, 280 pages.
  • "Zen Buddhism Literature: An Introduction to the Ten Oxherding Pictures".ISBN9789888310739, Chung Wha Books, (HK),中華書局(香港), Hong Kong,2015.220pages.
  • "Studies in Sino-Japanese Comparative Mythology". Monograph Series 66.ISBN9784762950667, Kyuko Shoin Press,(汲古書院), Tokyo,Japan,2014.300pages.
  • "Cultural Exchange between China & Japan".Academic Series,ISBN9787208115903, Shanghai Renmin Publishing, (上海人民出版社),Shanghai,PRC,2014,300pages.
  • "The Formation and Development of Japanese National Studies".Academic Series,ISBN9789570841251,Linking Publishing,(台灣聯經出版公司), Taipei,2013.330pages.
  • "The Philological and Comparative Studies on Ancient Japanese Documents". Monograph Series 420.ISBN9784757605909, Izumi Shoyin Press,(和泉書院), Osaka,Japan, 2011.280pages.

Selected Conference Papers and Invited Talks

  • The Manuscript of Man’yōshū and the Thought of Tathāgatagarbha, Invited talk at "An International Conference: Buddhist Manuscript Culture: Production & Presentation of Buddhists in Central and East Asia", 29-31, August,2018; Cambridge University, UK.
  • The Crisis of Asian Humanity, Invited talk at "A Workshop on Humanities in Asia", 20-21, February, 2018. Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.
  • A Tale of the Fountain of the Peach Blossom Spring and Asylum, Invited talk at the ”Lecture Series of Graduate School”, 21, April, 2018, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.
  • Ashi Tozan and the Transformation of Neo-Confucianism in Pre-modern Japan, Invited talk at "Reconsidering the Sinosphere: A Conference to Critically Analyze the Literary Sinitic in East Asian Cultures", 30, March- 01, April, 2017,Rice University, Houston, USA.
  • Renaissance or Restoration? On the Contemporary Sino-Japanese National Studies.13th Annual International Conference on History & Archaeology: From Ancient to Modern. 29, June- 02, July, 2015. Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens,Greece.
  • "National Studies" in China and Japan, Invited talk at "Stockholm Confucius Institute Annual Lecture 2011", organized in cooperation with Institute for Security and Development Policy. 07, December, 2012,Stockholm University,Stockholm, Sweden.
  • On The Development of Japanese Ancient Religious System and Chinese Thought, Invited talk at "46th International Conference on Eastern Studies,Institute of Eastern Culture of Japan",(東方学会), 26, May, 2001, Kyoto, Japan.