Volunteer Ambassadors Scheme

The Volunteer Ambassadors (VAs) are extraordinary individuals who decided to not only be part of the community, but to make the community part of them and go beyond volunteering to support fellow volunteers and CYEP officers.

Objectives of the scheme are:

  • to promote City Youth Empowerment Project (CYEP) and service-learning experiences to all CityU members (including students and alumni)
  • to foster relationships among CYEP volunteers
  • to take on a leadership role to provide guidance to new volunteers
  • to work alongside with officers in organizational tasks

VAS is composed of members of various backgrounds and personalities. They are divided into 4 teams:

  1. Promotion Team
    • promotes volunteerism, social awareness and CYEP in CityU campus
  2. Volunteer Training Team
    • provides training workshops and inter-service sharings which help volunteers equip necessary skills as well as understand volunteering ideology behind CYEP services
  3. Volunteer Networking Team
    • builds relationships and lifts the team spirit among volunteers
  4. Community Engagement Team
    • organizes one-off services to engage volunteers to our community while boosting their social awareness.
With everyone’s amazing characters, but as different as everyone is, each VA forms an integral pixel of the bigger picture and enhances our volunteering resolution.

The Volunteer Ambassadors Scheme is looking for a very special group volunteers who have demonstrated dedication to serve, leadership in volunteer services, contributed innovative ideas, and helped promote the value of community participation.


  • to promote CYEP
  • to establish and maintain network of volunteers
  • to support and provide training for volunteers
  • to assist and coordinate volunteer services and activities
  • to participate in regular meetings and trainings that will enhance their role and task performance


Potential Volunteer Ambassadors should:
  • demonstrate enthusiasm and passionate interest in their respective community services
  • be able to capitalize and integrate their expertise into service-learning
  • be independent, proactive, and willing to take initiative to self-learning
  • demonstrate capacity of critical thinking
  • demonstrate work ethics that are grounded in social work values
  • have at least 1 year or more experience in volunteer service in CYEP; and
  • be proficient in English. (Fluent in Mandarin is an advantage)


Please fill in the online application form: http://go.cityu.hk/fynpgc
Enquiry: youeprj@cityu.edu.hk / 3442-8830