International Service-Learning Program in Yangon, Myanmar

Collaborating Organization:

Brief Description:

Volunteers will work closely with project staff and other volunteers in this unique education and outreach program that provides a classroom-like setting and educational assistance to those children and youth who have no access to formal education via used-buses that have been gutted and converted into mobile classrooms. Also, volunteers will have a chance to go monastery to teach monastics as well as understand more about their life style.

The classroom stops are planned to maximize the participation of children in one area. Each child spends around 3 days per week and 2 hours per day on the bus, and the teashop owners are compensated for the children’s time away from work. Each classroom is equipped with desks, chairs and some of the necessary school supplies. Project activities includes:

  • 1. Design/ implement lesson plans and activities
  • 2. Provide different training to the children e.g. life-skills, hygiene, English, vocational
  • 3. Teaching practice
  • 4. Provide suggestions and recommendations to myME Project