E1 “老”吾老 – 悟宿基金會長者探訪服務

Providence Foundation’s Ongoing Elderly Home Visit Programme

Collaborating Agency:

The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, Shamshuipo District Elderly Community Centre 鄰舍輔導會-深水埗康齡社區服務中心

Brief Description:

It is a home visit service provided to the “hidden elderly”. There are numbers of elderly living in the community, lacking of family care or community support. They are living alone and have difficulties in integrating into the community. Our service is going to provide a daily living assessment on their needs and report to the agency for timely assistance and emotional support for their social needs. To develop a long-term relationship, there are 6 sessions during the service period. Different outing activities, which aim to strengthen the connection between the elderly and the community, will be organized during the semester.



Shek Kip Mei Estate & Pak Tin Estate

Staff In-charge:

PUN Wai Hong, Matthew