CY8 “中文改變你人生” 少數族裔青少年 – 中文語文工作坊

"Chin Change” – Chinese Changes Your Life Chinese Language Workshop for Ethnic Minority Youth

Collaborating Agency:

Hong Kong Christian Service Kwun Tong Central Integrated Children & Youth Service (Kwun Tong Happy teen Club) 香港基督教服務處 觀塘青少年綜合服務 (觀塘樂天會)

Brief Description:

為了協助少數族裔青少年適應香港教學模式及面對當中挑戰,義工需向服務受助者提供中文語文上協助,包括應用於學習和日常生活上的中文 *由於服務性質所限,義工需要具有良好中文語文能力 (廣東話及繁體書寫) *義工需要共同設計互動中文教學遊戲及室外活動供服務受助者參與 In order to aid the challenges ethnic-minority youth face in the academic setting, volunteers will provide assistance to service recipients in the Chinese language both in the capacity of both academic and everyday usages. *Due to the nature of this service, volunteers are required to be proficient in Chinese (Cantonese Speaking and Traditional Chinese Writing) *Volunteers are invited to join a special group to organize interactive learning and outing activity for service recipients.


Delia Memorial School (Matteo Ricci) – 223 Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon 地利亞修女紀念學校(利瑪竇)- 九龍觀塘協和街223號

Staff In-charge:

LAW Man Yin (Man)