CY6 英語升中面試工作坊

English Interview workshop with primary school students from low-income families

Collaborating Agency:

E.L.C.H.K. Hung Hom Lutheran Primary School 基督教香港信義會紅磡信義學校

Brief Description:

Volunteers are expected to use their own creativity and experience to organize, design and facilitate a series of interactive English interview workshops to a group of underprivileged P.6 primary school students who are going to apply for the secondary schools of their preference. 義工將為一些低收入家庭的小六學生組織, 設計及帶領一系列有趣互動的英語面試工作坊, 為他們將來升中選校面試時加強信心。


To Kwa Wan土瓜灣

Staff In-charge:

FUNG Yuen Yee, Aster