CY17 《奇趣英語學習工作坊 – 低收入家庭學童

Interesting English Learning Workshop for children from low-income & new arrival families

Collaborating Agency:

Society for Community Organization (SoCo) 香港社區組織協會

Brief Description:

服務透過義工共同設計6節既有趣又互動的英語學習工作坊,讓新來港及低收入家庭學童提升英語學習之信心,並掌握獨立學習的技能。 活動可包括: 英文拼音學習、唱歌、拼字遊戲、畫劇及其他遊戲等
Through 6-section interesting and interactive English learning workshop which is collectively designed by volunteers, this service aims at improving confidence of learning English and independent learning skills of children from low-income & new-arrival families. Activities can include: Phonics learning, singing, Spelling Bee, drama, and games etc


1/F, Fuk Kiang Building, 208A Fuk Wa Street, Sham Shui Po 深水埗福華街208A號福江大廈1樓

Staff In-charge:

LAW Man Yin (Man)