CY10 “一起面對難關!” 少數族裔青年師友計劃

“Face the challenges together!” Mentoring Scheme with Ethnic Minority Youth

Collaborating Agency:

Caritas Youth & Community Service Caritas Community Centre - Ngau Tau Kok 香港明愛青少年社區服務 明愛牛頭角社區中心

Brief Description:

為了協助少數族裔青少年適應香港教學模式及面對學業上的挑戰,義工需向服務受助者提供各科目的學術支援 (數學,科學,商科),並以師友照顧他們的成長需要。義工於每一個學期末段會被邀請與少數族裔青少年之家長以輕鬆形式會談。 *由於服務性質所限,義工需要具有良好廣東話或英文語文能力 *義工需要共同設計課外活動供服務受助者參與
In order to aid the challenges ethnic-minority youth face in the academic setting, volunteers will provide assistance to the Chinese language (for academic and everyday use) and other subjects (Math, Science, Business). And volunteers also need to care about their need of personal development as a Mentor. Volunteers will be invited to join a casual chat with parents of ethnic minority youth at the end of each semester. *Due to the nature of this service, volunteers are required to be proficient in Cantonese or English. *Volunteers are invited to organize creative extra-curricular activity for service recipients.


2/F, 1 On Tak Road, Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon 九龍牛頭角安德道1號2樓

Staff In-charge: