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Working with Children and Youth with Disabilities (Special Education Needs)

Collaborating Agency:

Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alexandra School, Nam Tin 藍田紅十字會雅麗珊郡主學校

Brief Description:

義工會為有身體障礙的學生提供補習服務,並協助提升學生的學術表現和社交能力。同時,服務包括不同的外出活動,一方面讓義工與服務使用者對「無障礙社會」有更深入和真切的了解,同時我們亦鼓勵義工參與籌辦過程。 *所有義工必須出席工作坊後才能參與服務 This service provides an opportunity to work with youth living with physical disability through academic tutoring as well as fun and meaningful activities in a residential setting. The service will help enhance the youth’s academic performance, social skills, and self-efficacy. Outing activities during the service period will be organized in order to gain further understanding of a “barrier-free” society with our service recipients. Volunteers are invited to provide creative ideas in organizing outing programs. All volunteers MUST attend the training workshop. Service skills and service background will be introduced in the workshop.


Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alexandra School’s Residence (Lam Tin MTR Exit D1)

Staff In-charge:

PUN Wai Hong, Matthew