First enroll to be our volunteers! Fill in the “Full Enrollment Form” to receive our updates / information on one-off services through emails.
If you are interested in our regular services, check out our “Service Introduction Booklet” and indicate your preferences in the “Service Selection Form”!
Yes! You are always welcome! Enroll to be our volunteers to receive our updates on one-off services through emails.
For regular services, please send an email to the officer-in-charge of the service to enquire on its availability. (You can find out the officer-in-charge from our “Service Introduction Booklet”)
If you have enrolled as our volunteer but receive no comfirmation, probably you have provided a wrong email (Oops!). Please send an email to our officers to make amendments so that you can be updated on our services:)
For one-off / regular services, only successful applicants will receive an email. If you would like to know the progress or results, please send an email to the officer-in-charge (whose email is provided in our “Service Introduction Booklet”).
Our volunteers will receive certificates at the end of each academic year if their service hours reach a certain level. If you wish to apply for a verification letter of your service, please file your application through our online system [link] three days in advance.
Other than services that require high Cantonese proficiency (e.g. elderly/enthic minority services, please refer to our “Service Introduction Booklet” for the requirements), you are encouraged to join any services you find interesting and meaningful! :)