Research Projects

The structure of the project enables integration of academic influence through regular trainings conducted by project staff, and ongoing research led by the Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators, supported by the Department of Applied Social Studies. Currently, the project is carrying out two major research areas on volunteerism –
  1. An in-depth exploration on how university students’ define volunteerism and its influences on participation styles, level of commitment, and service outcomes.
  2. Studies on students’ motivations to volunteer, and the association between motivations and service-matching, experience, and consequences of volunteering - in partnership with Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

Online Questionnaire on Volunteerism

Thank you for enrolling into City-Youth Empowerment Project – a service-learning platform for CityU students to learn through serving the community, and for the community to learn about us. Apart from services, the project is also involved in academic research on volunteerism and related topics, utilizing feedback from our participants to further enhance our knowledge in such areas. The hyperlinks of the questionnaire are listed hereinafter. Please choose either Chinese or English version according to your own language preference.



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