Established in 2005, CYEP is a NON-CREDIT BEARING service-learning project. We open to all students at City University of Hong Kong. Our mission is to serve the underprivileged or special needs groups in the community. We hope to enhance students' understanding of social issues and active civic commitment, to effectively engage community-based groups and community organizations with the students through the university's platform, and to integrate community practice-oriented knowledge with the academic field. With over 30 community organization partnerships, CYEP provides ongoing services for underprivileged children and youth affected by poverty, new arrival status, minor crime, and disabilities; ongoing services for the hidden elderly and mental health consumers; and ongoing services related to environmental protection and disability rights. As part of the transformative pedagogical experience, students also actively participate in the research process, focused on the effective convergent outcomes of students, communities, and academic institution.

Service-Learning Model embraced by City-Youth Empowerment Project (CYEP):

  • Focus on students’ Learning through Serving experiences in the community through a non-credit bearing and voluntary platform
  • Encourage the students to integrate their own academic knowledge with the community-serving process
  • Provide hands-on learning opportunities to create real changes within underprivileged communities
  • With the support from university and generous donors, our project makes good use of the resources to fill in the service gaps and offer more opportunities to the underprivileged groups. This highlights our mission of "Empowering Community"

We offer different opportunities for CityU students:

  • Serving various target groups in the communities;
  • Receiving coaching from project offices to consolidate and deepen their learning (e.g. developing their critical thinking, heightened sense of community, civic engagement, and personal responsibility, etc.)
  • Spaces to have personal growth through self-reflection
  • Spaces to contribute innovative ideas to design activities
  • Taking up leading role in volunteers’ group