CityU Cares for You Campaign – Opening Ceremony
Event Date:14/11/2016
Organizer(s):Student Development Service (Counselling Service)

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The CityU Care for You campaign had been grandly kicked-off on 14/11/2016. With the privilege of having Prof. Horace Ip (Vice President(SA)), Dr. Ron Kwok (Dean of Students) and Dr. Wong (Director of SDS) as the Honorable Guests for the event, our Caring Leaders performed a cheering song which drew a large attention and positive feedback from the students and staff on campus. Our surprising guest, the mascot of the year, an adorable bear also came to bring joy and happiness to CityU.

Through the campaign, we hope to warmly bring messages to all,

City University says, “CityU Cares for You.”

Counselling Service says, “We Care for You.”

And you can say to your friends, “I Care for You.”

Published on: 23 December 2016