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Frontier Research and Breakthrough
Feb 2017
Professor Henry Chung, Director of Centre for Smart Energy Conversion and Utilization Research, delivered a public lecture on smart energy.

The Smart Grid for the optimization of electricity

The Centre for Smart Energy Conversion and Utilization Research at City University of Hong Kong aims to set up a smart home to provide a reference blueprint for constructing future low-cost and zero carbon emission homes. This prototype will include many smart and ‘green' devices including renewable micro-power sources, smart appliances, smart energy storage systems, advanced metering infrastructure, and energy management systems. It will also serve as a ‘test bed' for studying and researching new technologies for smart energy conversion and utilization.

Electricity usage patterns fluctuate throughout the day so City University's researchers make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices to calculate and estimate electricity usage during low usage periods so the company can store the excess electricity and release it at peak times. This approach also uses AI to calculate the appropriate power rate to effectively stabilize the ‘demand' for electricity.

The Centre is now co-operating with the United States Company ‘General Electric' to develop the "Sustainable Development Smart Campus", with the aim of creating a community energy control system to help reduce wastage and make most efficient use of our energy.

To achieve the aim of energy saving, City University has installed smart power meters in many areas in the campus to effectively control the use of energy.