Dr Jason Hu
Mayor, City of Taichung, Taiwan

Biographical Sketch

Dr Jason Hu, Mayor of Taichung City in Taiwan, was born in Beijing in 1948. He graduated from the National Chengchi University with a bachelorˇ¦s degree in Diplomacy. He then continued his studies in the US and in the UK and received a masterˇ¦s degree from the University of Southampton and a D.Phil from Oxford both in International Relations. Dr Hu was appointed Director General for the Government Information Office in 1991. He then represented Taiwanˇ¦s government in Washington in 1996 and 1997, before a two-year stint as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan from 1997 to 1999. He was elected Mayor of Taichung City in 2001 and has remained in office ever since with great support from the community.

In Taiwan, Dr Hu was well reputed for his gentle heart, good intentions, wit and eloquence. He ran his office efficiently and was able to bring harmony to the people and city. He was known as ˇ§a diligent man who works with his heart and sentimentˇ¨. He received the Best Government Spokesman Award and the Top Ten Chinese Award in 1993, Outstanding Professional Achievement Award in 1996 (awarded by the Chinese American Academic and Professional Society), and an Honorary Doctorate from University of Southampton in 1997.

Dr Hu and his wife Ms Shaw Hsiao-ling have a daughter and a son. Their daughter is pursuing a performing career in the UK and their son studying in the US as a graduate student.