The Key Issues of Economic and Industrial Development in Taiwan

Date: 11 February 2015
Speaker: 張家祝博士
Dr Chang Chia Juch


  1. 台灣經濟現況分析
  2. 國際產業發展趨勢
  3. 台灣產業現況與發展課題
  4. 傳統產業、主力產業、新興產業發展策略
  5. 短中期產業發展政策

  1. Analysis of the past, present, and future status of Taiwan’s economic and industrial development
  2. What is the driving force behind Taiwan’s economic growth?
  3. What are the key issues for the future economic and industrial development in Taiwan
  4. How does Taiwan government assist the upgrade and transformation of traditional industries?
  5. What are the strategies and measures for promoting the development of key industries in Taiwan?

Speaker Bio

Dr Chang Chia Juch

Chairman of China Development Industrial Bank


Dr Chang graduated from the School of Civil Engineering of Purdue University with Ph.D. degree in Transportation and Urban Engineering in 1979. He returned to Taiwan in 1981 to teach at National Chiao Tung University. In 1987, Dr Chang was recruited by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) of Taiwan and was appointed as the Director General of the Institute of Transportation. He was responsible for the overall planning and development of transportation infrustructure in Taiwan, including Taipei mass rapid transit system, national freeway and highway system, high-speed rail road, harbors and airports. Dr Chang was later promoted to Vice Minister of MOTC in 1995 to oversee not only the land, maritime, air transportation, but also the post, telecommunications, meteorology and tourism affairs. After his retirement from government in 2005, Dr Chang served various positions including President of Chung Hwa University, Chairman of China Steel Co., and Chairman of China Airlines. In 2013, Dr Chang was once again recruited by the Taiwan Government and was appointed as Minister of Economic Affairs. Dr Chang resigned in August 2014. He is now the Chairman of China Development Industrial Bank in Taiwan.

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