The Culture Construction in Design

Date: 29 April 2011
Speaker: 潘雲鶴院士
Prof. Pan Yunhe



This lecture will focus on the important role that culture plays in the process of product design, as well as the approaches and techniques involved. Six aspects as the construction design, cultural connotation, cultural elements and their structure, the ways of culture construction in design, and the principles and values of cultural-based design will be introduced. The structure of the culture construction is to be systematically analyzed. And abundant cultural element materials and photos of real-life designs will be provided in the lecture to illustrate the application of culture construction in designs. The lecture will provide product designers and culture practitioners with a valuable reference on ways of innovation.

Speaker Bio

潘雲鶴院士 Prof. Pan Yunhe

Professor, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Professor Pan Yunhe has long been devoted to the research work in the fields of Computer Graphics, ICAD, Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Design. He undertook numerous research projects and made remarkable achievements in the areas of Computer Graphic, Intelligent CAD, Computer- Aided Product Innovation, Digital Cultural Heritage Protection and Digital Library. He has won some national, provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards, and published many papers, monographs and textbooks.

Professor Pan graduated from Tongji University in 1970, and received his master’s degree in Computer Science from Zhejiang University in 1981. He once served in Zhejiang University as President of the university, Director of Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Director of Institute of Modern Industrial Design. He is currently Executive Vice-President of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chairman of China Society of Image and Graphics, Chairman of the Industrial Design Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, and Member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council in China.