City University of Hong Kong is committed to providing a quality learning environment to students and the community. To enhance academic ambience and stimulate intellectual vitality, the University invites world renowned scholars, high calibre figures of the community and social elites to deliver Distinguished University Lectures / Distinguished Public Lectures on a wide range of interesting topics to the university community and members of the public.

The Distinguished University Lecture Series provides a platform for the university community to listen to, meet, and talk with distinguished speakers. It encourages the introduction of new and exciting ideas and offers a forum for the exchange of knowledge. The primary audience of the Distinguished University Lecture Series is members of the university community; its content will tend to be more technical in nature, and its style of presentation will be modeled on an academic lecture or conference paper.

The Distinguished Public Lecture Series fosters greater understanding, closer ties, and more productive exchanges between the university and the greater Hong Kong community. It contributes to the intellectual and cultural life of both the University and the community to the shared benefit of both. The primary audience of the Distinguished Public Lecture Series is the general public; its focus will be topics of general interest with direct and palpable impact upon members of the public, and its style of presentation will be a popular, public address.