POL2915 - Introduction to Philosophy

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Department of Public Policy
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One Semester
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Course Aims

This course aims to help students gain a basic understanding of and training in philosophy as a practice of critically examining thoughts and actions. Philosophical jargons or technical terms will not be emphasised. Instead, students will be enabled to grasp the point of doing philosophy, as they are shown ways of probing into problems from different philosophical approaches, and various attempts to solve or dissolve them. In addition, they will get some light on a number of issues (organised around themes such as meaning, knowledge and belief, moral dilemma and love, etc.), which are essential for achieving an in-depth view of the world and an examined life. Students will also be enabled to develop analytical, interpretative, communicative and argumentative skills and abilities that are transferable and useful to any other discipline. They will be given a learning environment (half-lecture and half-seminar/workshop per meeting) in which they can be acquainted with some subject matters of philosophy and can study them in an active manner. After attending the course, students will obtain a proper conception of philosophy; their attitudes and skills in critical thinking will also be strengthened.

Assessment (Indicative only, please check the detailed course information)

Continuous Assessment: 100%
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