GE1112 - Chán Culture and Contemporary Society

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Department of Chinese and History
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One Semester
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Area 1: Arts and Humanities
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Course Aims

Although Chan is one of the schools of Buddhism in China, it is actually a mix of Indian Buddhism and Chinese Confucianism with Taoism, becoming an indispensable part of Chinese culture after the Tang-Song period. Seeping into every aspect of life and thinking in China, it later spread to Japan, Korea, and recently even to Europe and America, stimulating Westerners to pursue the wisdom of the East. In particular, the wisdom and culture of Chan have become elements of world civilisation.
The teachings of Chan and its inherent wisdom represent the finest of eastern culture. It emphasizes the texture and fun of daily minutiae. As an antidote to today’s society, its strength lies in seeing the macro from the micro, giving meaning to the tiniest of things, melting away the desires and subjectivities of modern man as well as the over-emphasis on materialism.

Besides introducing a basic knowledge of Buddhism and the historical changes in the Chan school, this course will guide students in their understanding of Chan culture and engage in inquiry with the teachers, the flexibility of its wisdom as well as how to apply such an unique wisdom of the east to reflect on life and present effective solutions to real-life problems.

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Continuous Assessment: 100%
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