MGT3424 Principles of Enterpreneurship

Part I

Course Duration : One Semester
Credit Units:3
Level: B3
Medium of Instruction:English
Prerequisite(s) :Nil
Precursors(s) :Nil
Equivalent Course(s) :Nil
Exclusive Course(s) : Nil

Part II

Course Aims

This course aims to:

  1. Provide the student with an understanding of the various schools of thought on entrepreneurship developed across the past 100 years.
  2. Enable the student to appreciate the processes through which entrepreneurs come to be.
  3. Develop the student’s ability to situate the place entrepreneurs take in the larger world of business and management.


Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs)
Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
No. CILOs Weighting (if applicable) 
1. Analyse the role of entrepreneurs, their sources of opportunity as well as evaluate economic and behavioural aspects of entrepreneurship20
2. Design the process in building indigenous companies 10
3. Compare and contrast between entrepreneurs as idea generators and capitalists as sources of funds20
4. Justify the factors that promote or inhibit entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial activity together with their accompanying resources and risks.30
5. Analyse the conflicts that plague family business.20

Teaching and Learning Activities (TLAs)
(Indicative of likely activities and tasks designed to facilitate students’ achievement of the CILOs. Final details will be provided to students in their first week of attendance in this course)

ILO No. TLAs Hours/week (if applicable)
CILO 1,2,3,4,5 Learning through lectures and assigned readings2
CILO 1,4 Learning through case studies, group work, multi-country video link classes , supplemented by lectures 3
CILO 1,3,4 Learning through guest speakers and lectures 1
CILO 1,2,5 Learning through company visits to real entrepreneurs and field trips1

Assessment Tasks/Activities
(Indicative of likely activities and tasks designed to assess how well the students achieve the CILOs. Final details will be provided to students in their first week of attendance in this course)

Coursework : 50%
Examination : 50% (2 hrs)

ILO No. Type of Assessment Tasks/Activities Weighting (if applicable)
CILO 1,3,4 Essay examination whereby the students answer three questions out of six. (including a compulsory case study) 50%  
CILO1,4 Participation in group work discussion as well as individual participation in class 15%
CILO 1,2,4 Performance in discussion in class during sessions with guest speakers 15%
CILO 1,5 Essays 20%

Grading of Student Achievement : Refer to Grading of Courses in the Academic Regulations (Attachment) and to the explanatory Notes.

Part III

Keyword Syllabus:

Importance of Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial process. Distinguished from Intrapreneurship. Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Managing the paradoxes in Entrepreneurship. The place of entrepreneurship among the ten roles of the manager

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