PALSI – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PALSI Students
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PALSI Leaders
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How can I join PALSI?
You have to attend ONE of the PALSI Orientation sessions (except those who have joined PALSI before) if you want to join PALSI.  You can follow the steps below to sign up:

  1. Logon AIMS;
  2. Choose "Student Services";
  3. Click "On-line Application for In-house Student Development Courses";
  4. Select Department "Talent and Education Development Office (TED)";
  5. Click "Click to sort" before you apply for the session;
  6. Choose the appropriate session and click the "Apply" button;
  7. Mark your diary for date, time, and venue, and click "Confirm" to complete the registration.

How many courses/sessions can I take?
PALSI Students are limited to taking one PALSI session only for a particular PALSI course. Likewise, it is advised not to take more than two PALSI courses in any one semester.

How long will the PALSI sessions last?
The weekly 2-hour PALSI sessions will run from Week 4 to Week 12 for PALSI courses.

Who will be facilitating my academic study?
Senior students who have performed well in the PALSI courses are invited to become PALSI Leaders. They will meet with junior students (called PALSI Students) studying in the same course to discuss academic work and to share effective learning strategies.

What do PALSI Leaders and Students say about PALSI?
Watch this video to learn more about PALSI and what others say.