(Updated 13 May, 2015) Now Hiring: Summer Student Researchers.


You were eight years old, fascinated by the world around you. You were full of questions about how Nature works. Most of your questions your parents and teachers could answer. Some questions you worked out the answers on your own as you grew up. But there is always one question. One mystery that no one could give you a satisfactory explanation for. Some people even told you to stop wasting your time on it. “This kind of things is for scientists to find out.” “Focus more on your homework and stop asking unnecessary questions!” Gradually you stopped asking questions. You have forgotten how to be curious.

How wonderful would it be if you could go back in time and tell this child: “It’s okay to be curious. If no one knows the answer to your question, be the first one who to find out the answer!” You owe this to yourself.

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