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11 Dec 2013 The 4th South China Small Animal Veterinary Conference CVMLS Event
26 Sep 2014 Emerging Technologies Forum - Veterinary Science and Medicine CVMLS Event
21 Nov 2013 International Animal Welfare Symposium CVMLS Symposium
31 Mar 2015 Where do emerging diseases come from? - A One Health Lecture CVMLS Seminar
22 May 2015 Genomics of Worms, with an Emphasis on Carcinogenic Liver Fluke CVMLS Event
22 Apr 2016 Dientamoebiasis – an emerging zoonosis CVMLS Event
16 Oct 2016 Animal Welfare Series 2016:
Animals as Pets and Companions to People
29 Mar 2017 The President's Lecture Series: Birds, People and Avian Influenza Seminar
17 Jul 2017 Seminar on Swine Health and Production CVMLS Seminar
12 Aug 2017 "East Meets West" Educational Series – Osteoarthritis BMS Symposium
29 Aug 2017 Identifying consequential microRNAs and their targets in CD8+ T cells BMS Seminar
29 Aug 2017 Practical Haematology Workshop CPE
4 Sept 2017 Management of Addisonian Crisis CPE
8 Sept 2017 Single Molecule Localization Microscopy and Its Applications BMS Seminar
18 Sept 2017 Demodex in Dogs: Is the Long Party Finally Over? CPE
3 Oct 2017 Physical Organic Chemistry in Drug Product Development – My Industrial-Chemist Career with Pharma BMS Seminar
13 Oct 2017 The crossroad of metabolism and immunity in liver cancer BMS Seminar
19 Oct 2017 Targeting NMDA receptors: to inhibit or to enhance? BMS Seminar
16 Oct 2017 A Visit to the Veterinary Mind Temple: What is new and helping us understand Veterinary Mental Health CPE
25 Oct 2017 New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Strategy CPE
31 Oct 2017 Waterworks matters - A practical workshop looking at the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract disease CPE
2 Nov 2017 BMS Workshop on Neuroscience of Glia Cells BMS Workshop
3-4 Nov 2017 4th Hong Kong International Oncology Symposium 2017
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BMS Symposium
8 Nov 2017 Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy BMS Seminar
13 Nov 2017 Academic Entrepreneurs, New Technologies, and Building Companies to Treat Disease BMS Seminar
14 Nov 2017 1st Hong Kong RNA Club Symposium
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BMS Symposium
15 Nov 2017 Rod and cone signaling pathways in normal, mutant and diseased mammalian retinas BMS Seminar
16 Nov 2017 “Destemming” liver cancer stem cells as a novel strategy against liver cancer BMS Seminar
17 Nov 2017 Vibrio cholerae's gut feelings BMS Seminar
18 Nov 2017 The Thirteenth Chinese Laboratory Medicine Conference: “Precision and Integration in Laboratory Medicine” BMS Conference
22 Nov 2017 Precision Medicine with Functional Diagnosis BMS Seminar
23 Nov 2017 Excellence in Academia: Don't just blame the animals, but who is to blame? The role of animals and humans in the looming antimicrobial apocalypse The President's Lecture Series
27 Nov 2017 Possible role of non-selective channels in the inflammatory response of chronic diseases BMS Seminar
29 Nov 2017 Early sensory experience shapes the initial circuits in auditory cortex BMS Seminar
5 Dec 2017 Mechanistic investigation of Linc-p27 function in skeletal muscle satellite cell and muscle regeneration BMS Seminar
11 Dec 2017 Neuroscience Seminar
- Memory Encoding in the Brain
- Mechanisms of Sensory Learning in the Cortex
BMS Seminar
13 Dec 2017 Biomedical Sciences Seminar
- Integrating Photonics with Ultrasonics for Biomedical Applications: A Translational Journey
- Recent Advances in Stimuli Responsive Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy
- Development of novel strategy for cardiac repair
BMS Seminar
16 Dec 2017 Canada Pet Day Event from Centre for Animal Welfare
18 Dec 2017 Uncovering intratumor heterogeneity with Dirichlet processes BMS Seminar
21 Dec 2017 Mechanistic Insights into MCR-1/2 Colistin Resistance BMS Seminar
30 Jan 2018 Application of Advanced Quantitative Analysis Methods in the Study of the Epidemiology of Avian Influenza Seminar
15 Jan 2018 Hong Kong RNA Club Seminar "A hidden layer of genetic regulation revealed by RNA structurome and interactome studies" BMS Seminar
11 Jan 2018 Seminar on Cell Biology and Novel Technology
- Autophagy in Neurodegenerative Disease
- Efficient RNA Delivery Using Extracellular Vesicles
BMS Seminar
26 Jan 2018 Use of mathematical and statistical modeling for developing control strategies in microbiological food safety and food-animal health Seminar
26 Jan 2018 One Health Seminar Series:
Rabies in Indonesia: Past, Present and Future
1 Feb 2018 An Update on Felis Catus Gammaherpesvirus 1: A Candidate Feline Tumour Virus Seminar
5 Feb 2018 Harness the power of light: optogenetic control of intracellular activities Seminar
7 Feb 2018 Peering into the toolbox: Dissection and application of versatile mosquito-borne alphaviruses Seminar
8 Feb 2018 Seminar on Linguistics and Neuroscience
- The Effects of Typographic Features on the Eye Movements in the Reading of Chinese
- ERP Evidence on Verbal Semantic Detection
8 Feb 2018 TRPC6 and Abeta production Seminar
9 Feb 2018 Biomaterials for Translational Regenerative Medicine Seminar