Sustainability Updates

An interdisciplinary dialogue at CityU

June 2018

Current Updates


CityU "No Straw Weekend"

CityU will commence its “No Straw Weekend” on campus starting from 8 June 2018 following our existing "No Straw Sunday", the joint-universities campaign of "UNIfy: Skip the Straw" in March 2018 and CityU "No Straw Month" (12 March to 11 April 2018) initiatives. June 8th is also the “No Straw Day” proposed by the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, and CityU is a supporting organisation of this meaning event. At the CityU “No Straw Month”, a total of 90,407 straws were saved, equivalent to 80% of the usual consumption. The new “No Straw Weekend” will follow the same practice of the "No Straw Month" that plastic straws will not be given to customers at the campus catering outlets unless specifically requested on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. We kindly invite all campus members to continue to support this meaningful no-straw activity during weekends to help create a more sustainable environment together!

Energy-Saving Charter 2018

The University has signed up to the "Energy-Saving Charter 2018", launched by the Environment Bureau, and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, to encourage the CityU community to save energy. You can help to support the Charter by:

  • setting the indoor temperature of offices and classrooms to 24-26℃;
  • switching off electrical appliances and systems, e.g. lights, computers, copiers, air-conditioners, etc. when not in use;
  • procuring energy-efficient electrical appliances and systems (such as those with Grade 1 energy labels); and
  • promoting and sharing energy-saving tips.
Let’s work together to save energy and save the environment!

Low-Carbon-Living Calculator

The Environment Bureau launched a Low-Carbon-Living Calculator in April 2018 to promote low carbon living. The calculator helps users to calculate their individual carbon emissions with regard to the following four aspects: clothing, food, living and travel. A total of 14 simple questions are asked to collect data on the users’ general consumption of electricity, water and fuel. The calculator also provides users with useful tips for low carbon living.

UN Sustainability Literacy Test – 4th run in CityU

CityU conducted the fourth run of the United Nations' Sustainability Literacy Test from 26 March to 13 April 2018. This online test was introduced by the United Nations and consists of 50 multiple-choice questions capturing both international and local dimensions. CityU will continue to support the test in the future to help raise campus sustainability awareness and to contribute to the development of global sustainability.


To promote sustainability, two campus-wide sustainability events were organised in January and March 2018. The CityU Campus Sustainability Day, with a series of talks and seminars, workshops, a sustainability market and a sustainability hunt, was successfully held on 22 January. On 19 March 2018, the Facilities Management Office, in collaboration with Green Monday, held a one-day event entitled Green Living at CityU to nurture a culture of green living on campus. Both events were very well received by campus members.

Looking Ahead


Green O'Camps

The O’camp season is coming! The CityU Sustainability Committee has invited the Facilities Management Office and Student Development Services to work together with the Students' Union to advise student leaders on how to take environmental concerns into account when organising the O’camps. We hope students can have fun on the camps while learning about the University and appreciating its commitment to sustainability.

No-Bottled-Water Campus

As a follow-on from our "No-Straw" initiatives, City University of Hong Kong is going to be a no-bottled-water campus soon! We will join hands with the Hong Kong SAR Government and other sister universities to promote waste reduction at source by stopping the sale of small plastic water bottles in vending machines and installing new water dispensers on campus. A working group consisting of student leaders, administrative and faculty members has been formed under the University Sustainability Committee to look into the strategies and plans to promote and implement this new initiative on campus. Stay tuned for more updates later!

Conferences and Seminars


Distinguished Lecture on "Meeting Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Education"

Professor Eric Hanushek, the "Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow" at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, shared with the University community on 18 April 2018 that ensuring quality education around the world is the most critical goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) announced by the United Nations in 2015. With the agreement of 193 countries, the United Nations put forward this agenda to guide world development policies towards ending extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. Professor Hanushek’s lecture considered both the economic impact of the quality of education and the types of policies which would likely lead to improvements in sustainability.

SEE Tech-Talk Series on Advanced Environmental Technologies

To address the urgent energy- and environment-related challenges, the School of Energy and Environment is going to organise a Tech-Talk Series on sustainable technologies for energy, the environment and health. More specifically, discussion will focus on urban atmospheric and aquatic environments; and smart and healthy cities. The Tech-Talk Series will take place on 16 June 2018 at Peter Ho Lecture Theatre (LT-10), 4/F, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building. All campus members are welcome to join.

Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF)


Results of the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) 2018 (7th round)

A total of HK$1.1 million has been granted to 10 projects in the 7th round of the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) Call for Proposals tackling issues ranging from energy saving, reuse/recycling, air quality to education. 17 eligible proposals were received and reviewed by an Assessment Panel comprising the Associate Provost (Institutional Initiatives) as Chair, representatives from Colleges/Schools and the Facilities Management Office, and a student member. The newly-funded projects may be grouped into collaborative teams this coming year as a further way to promote campus sustainability in CityU.

Student Activities


Exploring Local Organic Food Production

A group of students from the Gateway Education course, "Food: Culture, Science and Society (GE2239)" visited local organic farms to learn about clean food, good food and eco-friendly agriculture on 3 and 10 March 2018. The above course aims to develop students’ critical understanding of food, such as modern food production, safety issues, consumption and food-related environmental issues. Students were given an opportunity during the visit to experience the new discoveries of foodways and food habits. This encouraged them to reflect on their own practices of food consumption and how to be a responsible consumer of food.