Sustainability Updates

An interdisciplinary dialogue at CityU

January 2017

Current Updates


New leadership in CityU sustainability

Professor Samuel M. Y. Ho, Professor in the Department of Applied Social Sciences, took up the appointment of Associate Provost (Institutional Initiatives) with effect from 16 January 2017 to assist the Provost to oversee and monitor campus sustainability activities and coordinate other University's initiatives. Professor Ho is also the Chairman of the CityU Sustainability Committee.

Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium

The 2015-2016 annual report of the Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium has been released recently. The report captures the overall sustainability performance of the 8 publicly-funded institutions and the accomplishments of the Consortium throughout the year. The convenorship of the Consortium rotates among all the member institutions on a yearly basis. The Education University of Hong Kong takes up the convenor role of the Consortium in 2017, following HK Baptist University in 2016. CityU served as the convenor in 2015.

Municipal Solid Waste Project

In order to prepare for the possible territory-wide introduction of quantity-based municipal solid waste (MSW) charging in Hong Kong, the Facilities Management Office (FMO) has started a MSW project in CityU. The project runs for 12 months and will be in two phases. Its purpose is to study the amount of solid waste generated in different areas/buildings on campus by carrying out waste audits. It is hoped that the subsequent implementation of intervention measures will induce a change in behavior and reduce overall waste generation. The first phase runs from January to June 2017 and covers the University Concourse, the common area on the 3rd floor of AC1 and the 3M footbridge. The second phase will run from September to December 2017and cover the CMC building. CityU members who are interested in this project are welcome to contact Ms Shirley Ng, Senior Safety Officer of CityU, for more information.

Sustainable Hong Kong Research Hubs

Sustainable Hong Kong (SusHK) Research Hub is a multi-disciplinary CityU-based platform established in November 2016 to conduct meaningful applied research on real-life sustainability issues. It seeks to enhance synergy and collaboration among academics, industry, professional services, the community, students and the Government in Hong Kong and across the border. The current focus of its work is on the sustainability of professional service sectors in Hong Kong, including the interface with the One-Belt-One-Road Initiative and the contributions of Hong Kong professionals. The Hub welcomes suggestions of collaborative projects that work towards this target. Professor Linda Chelan Li (Public Policy) is the convenor of the SusHK Research Hub. For more information, please contact Dr. Iris Kam (Public Policy) or visit their Facebook Page.

Looking Ahead


Lai-see Packet Recycling and Reuse

To help protect the environment during the festive season, CityU has joined the Lai-see Packets Reuse and Recycling Programme organized by Greeners Action. From 5 to 22 February 2017 collection boxes will be placed in various places on campus; namely the student residences, staff quarters and academic buildings. Colleagues and students are encouraged to bring all their used or unwanted lai-see packets to the collection points for recycling.

ISCN 2017 Annual Conference

The International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) is going to organize its 2017 annual conference at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, from 26 to 28 June 2017. The conference theme is "Climate. City. Campus.", and will be co-hosted by UBC and the City of Vancouver (CoV). The conference will show the power of collaboration between campuses and cities. Attendees will gain insight into the UBC-CoV strategic relationship and see successful practical examples. Registration is now open until 19 April 2017. With CityU as an ISCN member, colleagues and students can enroll for the conference at a discounted rate. Please check out the details from their registration site.

Conferences and Seminars


The sixth Asia-Oceania Conference on Sustainable and Green Chemistry (AOC-SGC6)

The 6th Asia-Oceania Conference on Sustainable and Green Chemistry was held successfully from 27 to 30 November 2016 at the University. Apart from a series of seminars offered by local and international renowned scholars, including the Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, Professor Ei-ichi Negishi from Purdue University, and Professor Paul Anastas from Yale University, the conference also featured a poster session and an excursion to the Mai Po Nature Reserve. Interacting with worldwide leading professionals allowed the participants to broaden their mindsets and gain insights into the development of sustainable green chemistry. The AOC-SGC6 was very well received by all the participants.

Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF)


Application for the 6th round of the CSF

The 6th round of the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) is inviting proposals now until 17 February 2017. The CSF provides a platform to support sustainability initiatives from the CityU community. It supports projects that contribute to CityU's commitment to integrate sustainability into its teaching, research, governance and campus operations. All CityU members, including academic and administrative staff, and students, are welcome to submit team or individual proposals. Please visit the CSF website for more information, including application procedures, guidelines and a list of previously funded projects.

CSF Project : "GROW: A Student-Led Model for Sustainable Urban Agriculture"

To mark the end of the GROW project of Semester A 2016/17, a final harvest day was held on 9 December 2016 at the Roof Garden of Academic 2. There was a short ceremony to celebrate this happy moment and to thank all the participants for their contributions throughout the semester. Mr Chan Cheuk-ming (Ming Gor), founder of Pei Ho Counterparts, and Mr. Wong Yu Wing, a leading organic farmer in Hong Kong, were invited to join this important day. The participants were delighted when Mr Wong took the opportunity to teach them how to properly harvest vegetables. All the choi-sum was harvested and donated to Mr. Chan (Ming Gor) to help people in need.

Student Activities


A Visit to Po Toi Island

The Environmental Protection Society organized a visit to Po Toi Island on 20 December 2016. Those who took part were given the opportunity to appreciate the geology of the island and to deepen their understanding of the natural environment and of the pressing need for nature conservation. Twenty-one students, including 2 from sister universities and 19 from CityU, joined the tour. The Association for Geoconservation generously offered valuable tour guidance by introducing the interesting history and bio-diversity of the island. The participants enjoyed the incredible views and topography of Po Toi Island as well as the illustrations by the experienced helpers from the Geoconservation Association, and arrived back home more informed about the different important aspects of nature conservation.