Sustainability Updates

An interdisciplinary dialogue at CityU

May 2017

Current Updates


CityU Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Project

As a follow-up to the MSW project reported in the previous issue, the Phase 1 intervention measures have already been completed. Three intervention measures have been conducted; namely, (1) The relocation of waste bins, (2) The posting of signs to remind people about recycling and the locations of waste bins, and (3) A reduction in the number of waste bins. Results of the waste audit of the first two intervention measures show that less waste was collected. The Facilities Management Office will soon kick off the Phase 2 intervention in the CMC building. For more information about the project, please feel free to contact Ms Shirley Ng, Senior Safety Officer of CityU.

Item Baseline waste Result of intervention 1 Result of intervention 2
kg % kg % kg %
Paper 79.7 8.17 62.6 7.75 91 9.45
Plastic 86.6 8.87 61.1 7.57 70.6 7.33
Metal 51.3 5.26 26.6 3.29 32.6 3.39
Glass bottles 7.4 0.76 5.6 0.69 6.5 0.67
Total recyclable material 225 23.06 156 19.32 201 20.84
Municipal solid waste 750.9 76.94 651.6 80.68 762 79.16
Total waste 975.9 807.6 963

UN Sustainability Literacy Test – 3rd run in CityU

To raise awareness of sustainability among the campus community, CityU conducted the third run of the United Nations' Sustainability Literacy Test from 3 to 16 April 2017. For the first time the Test was open to both staff and students. Over 160 campus members joined the Test, with more than 110 of them completing it, representing a completion rate of 70% (67% in 2016). This online Test was initiated by the United Nations and consists of 50 multiple-choice questions capturing both international and local dimensions. CityU will continue to support the Test in the future to help raise campus sustainability awareness and to contribute to the development of global sustainability.

Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium

The Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium held its 21st meeting on 10 April 2017 at the Education University of Hong Kong. The Consortium had a fruitful discussion on a number of sustainability issues concerning the higher education sector, including green purchasing and procurement, energy reduction, food waste and municipal solid waste reduction. Professor Samuel Ho, Associate Provost (Institutional Initiatives) and Mr Tony Tung, Senior Safety and Administration Manager, represented the University to join the Consortium and contributed actively to the discussion.

Looking Ahead


Conference on "Forming Synergies in Greening China's Growth"

The Conference on "Forming Synergies in Greening China's Growth" will be held on 13 and 14 June 2017 on campus to open a dialogue between policymakers, scientists, educators and future environmental leaders on the topics of pollution and carbon reduction in Europe, Hong Kong and mainland China. Two sessions open to the public will be held on 13 June 2017, followed by a closed-door brainstorming and discussion workshop on 14 June 2017 with various CityU faculty members and mainland China officials/scholars taking part. For more information on the Conference, please contact Dr Li Wanxin of the Department of Public Policy.

Conferences and Seminars


Theatrical Performance and Meeting the Author: 'Still Fukushima'

On 31 March 2017 with the support of the Office of the Provost, the Department of Asian and International Studies hosted a live performance of the play - "Still Fukushima" - by the Japanese theater troupe, Lasenkan Berlin. The author of the play, Tawada Yoko, who is among the most important contemporary trans-national writers, was also present and was excited to meet CityU students and staff. In a creative manner the production addressed the social and cultural impact of the nuclear meltdown after the triple disaster (earthquake, tsunami, release of radioactivity) of 11 March 2011, and demonstrated how theater and art can contribute to nurturing everyone's readiness to participate in current debates about sustainability.

Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF)


Results of the Campus Sustainability Fund 2017 (6th round)

A total of HK$1.2 million has been granted to 11 projects in the 6th round of the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) call for proposals covering themes on energy saving, reuse/recycling and education. Competition was very keen this time as 39 proposals were received and reviewed by an Assessment Panel comprising the Associate Provost (Institutional Initiatives) as Chair, representatives from Colleges/Schools and the Facilities Management Office, and a student member. The newly-funded projects may be grouped into collaborative teams this coming year as a further way to promote campus sustainability in CityU.

CSF Project: Natural Stress Relievers Programme (NSRP): A Student-initiated Project: Landscape Improvement Master Plan to De-stress and Enhance Sustainability in the Student Halls of Residence

Over 300 students and staff had a relaxing and fun-filled night at the Sustainability Carnival in the Student Residences on 12 April 2017, launched by the Student Residence Office with full support from the Campus Sustainability Fund, Office of VP(SA) and Facilities Management Office. The first Rose Garden and Herb Garden in CityU were created as part of the Project, and the green turf that runs between Halls 1 and 3 was expanded. A series of sustainability DIY workshops, stress-releasing games, performances, magic show, and Nunchaku demo were presented in the Carnival. The Carnival served the dual purpose of enhancing students' sustainability awareness and providing an opportunity for students to release stress, have fun and get themselves re-energized for their final exams.

CSF Project: Smart Bin & Sustainable Campus: Turning Waste into Energy

With the support of the CSF, a CityU's Smart Food Recycling Bin (S-FRB) has been recently installed near the Garden Café. The Bin is an on-site food waste composter which can process 100 kg of food waste in 24 hours creating an end-product (fertilizers or energy resources) that is only 10% of the original mass. The overall procedure is quite simple. When we put food waste in the compact, sealed, and odorless automated bin, the S-FRB mixes it with wooden biochips to ferment it at a given temperature before finally drying it out. The S-FRB system also monitors its own food waste processing and accumulates substantial data, which can be linked to other research, and can provide direct inspiration for awareness-raising activities linked to sustainability issues.

Student Activities


CityU students shortlisted for the WSBE17 Hong Kong International Youth Competition

Two teams with CityU students as members have been shortlisted for The International Youth Competition of the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong to be held from 5-7 June 2017. Both teams have proposed sustainable neighborhood projects to enhance the built environment and the quality of life for residents. One project recreates the rooftop of the Kowloon City Castle where neighbours used to congregate, socialise and play. The other project proposes a foot-bridge network integrating different renewable energy systems, and Professor Michael Leung of the School of Energy and Environment served as their consultant. Both projects will be exhibited during the Conference. The Conference is also generously offering free complimentary seats to CityU students. Please fill in the attached online form before May 18, 2017 if you wish to apply for the complimentary seats.

Recruitment of student intern/helper

The CityU Sustainability Team, under the Office of the Provost, is now looking for dedicated student helpers passionate about sustainability to help foster sustainability within CityU in the coming academic year. CityU students who are interested in joining the CityU Sustainability Team are welcome to email us at