Sustainability Updates

An interdisciplinary dialogue at CityU

November 2016

Current Updates


New Chairmanship of Sustainability Committee

Professor Chan Chak Keung, Dean of the School of Energy and Environment, took up the chairmanship of the Sustainability Committee with effect from 9 September 2016. Professor Chan has also served as the CityU representative of the Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium since September 2016. Professor Chan will work with all campus stakeholders to contribute to the University’s sustainability agenda.

Certificate of Merit for Domestic Waste Separation

Congratulations! The Student Residence has been awarded a Certificate of Merit for the Commendation Scheme on Source Separation of Domestic Waste 2015/16, organized by the Environmental Protection Department of the HKSAR. During the assessment period from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016, 1.64kg of recyclable materials were collected from each resident every month. With the support of the Campus Sustainability Fund, the Student Residence Office has organized a variety of sustainability-related activities in the student halls to promote sustainable living, the minimization of waste from source and the reuse of solid waste.

Sustainable Consumption x Economist Future Forces x Sustainability@CityU

CityU joined hands with the Council for Sustainable Development and the Economist to promote sustainability in the week of 24 to 28 October 2016. CityU, as the supporting organization for the Public Engagement Exercise on the Promotion of Sustainable Use of Biological Resources under the Council, organized a consultation session on 24 October to solicit views on the sustainable use of biological resources. Exhibition panels were displayed for a full week to provide more information about the subject. If you missed the consultation session, please feel free to send your views online to the Council direct. Following the Council’s consultation session, CityU faculty and an alumnus shared their sustainability projects to showcase CityU’s sustainability achievements. The sharing event ended with a tour of the Sustainability Exhibition in the Library, which is being run jointly by the Library itself and the Office of the Provost from 14 October to 14 November 2016.

On 24 and 25 October, the Economist, through its Future Forces campaign, offered free Plant-based Meat Tacos on campus to passers-by at Purple Zone to arouse discussion and awareness of the sustainability challenges of the meat/agriculture industry.

Launching of an Online CityU Sustainability Activity Calendar

To better arouse awareness of campus sustainability, an online Sustainability Activity Calendar has recently been launched via Sustainability@CityU. The Calendar provides a one-stop shop of information on sustainability activities, such as seminars, workshops, and exhibitions that are organized, or co-organised, by CityU. The Calendar captures the latest activity information all the way up to June 2017, and will be updated regularly. Please feel free to submit any sustainability activity information to to help us build a more comprehensive calendar.

Looking Ahead


Mexico-China Workshop on Nano: Materials/Science/Technology – Renewable Energy and Environmental Remediation (NANOMXCN-2016)

NANOMXCN-2016 will be held between 4 to 6 December 2016 in CityU to provide an international forum for scientists of China (including the HKSAR) and Mexico interested in the development of joint collaborations and scientific exchanges to address green energy and environment remediation challenges. Discussion will focus on advanced strategies enabled by nanomaterials, nanoscience and nanotechnology for the optimization of the physical, chemical, and functional properties of materials used in the development of next generation solutions. Workshop registration by 20 November 2016.

Sustainability-related Seminars/Conferences


Plan International Hong Kong Youth Conference 2016

The Department of Asian and International Studies (AIS) hosted the Plan International Hong Kong Youth Conference entitled "JUSTICE: Because I am a Girl" on 10 September 2016. It was well-received by around 70 secondary school and CityU students, curious to learn about the concerns surrounding the rights of girls in developing countries. Ms. Mirana Mahrukh, Consul of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in Hong Kong, was invited to give a keynote speech. AIS is the first academic unit among all Hong Kong’s tertiary institutions to collaborate with Plan International Hong Kong (PLAN). The event was conceived by its Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Kanie Siu, who is an AIS alumnus.

Sustainability Dialogue on Space and Development

The fourth Dialogue on "Space and Development" was held on 20 October 2016. The Dialogue discussed the ways in which the design and daily use of campus facilities determine the relationship between man and the environment. Mr Raymond Wong, Lecturer of the Division of Building Science and Technology, explained the connectivity between CityU and the neighbouring community. Dr Tae Wan Kim, Assistant Professor of the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, touched on the trade-off between sustainability and functionality, as well as the real reasons for space vs compliance with building ordinances. Participants were highly involved and keen to share their views on sustainable practices in space utilization.

Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF)


CSF Project: "Promoting Issues of Sustainability Through Contemporary Media"

Through the CSF project, "Promoting Issues of Sustainability Through Contemporary Media", the Project Investigator, Professor Don Ritter of the School of Creative Media, held two photo workshops on 30 September and 14 October 2016 respectively. Around 25 participants joined the first workshop to learn how to create photographs to promote the sustainability of humanity and the world. Participants were required to produce their own digital images related to sustainability in Hong Kong, which were reviewed and discussed in the second workshop. Some selected images have been posted online at

CSF Project: "Discover and Document Sustainability around Us through Documentary Filmmaking Education"

Mr. Xi Zhinong, the founder of NGO WildChinaFilm and the only Chinese photographer member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), gave a talk on "Life as a Wildlife Photographer" on 3 October 2016. The talk was organized by Professor Li Xigen and Ms Li Yuhong, from the Department of Media and Communication, who lead a CSF project on “Discover and Document Sustainability around Us through Documentary Filmmaking Education”. Through images that included the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey, the massacre of Tibetan antelopes, and a documentary entitled “Mystery Monkeys in Himalaya”, Mr Xi tried to raise community awareness of habitat preservation. In his closing remarks, he encouraged participants to be proactive in participating in environmental conservation activities.

CSF Project: "Sustainable Cultural Development: Heritage Governance and Cultural Resource Management"

A curatorial workshop on "Asian Heritage and Cultural Resource Management" was co-organized by CityU (Department of Asian and International Studies and Department of Chinese and History) and Shantou University (Centre for Global Studies) on 1 to 4 October 2016, as part of the CSF project, "Sustainable Cultural Development: Heritage Governance and Cultural Resource Management". Its aim was to disseminate and promote knowledge of Asian heritage preservation, heritage polices and management. Its purpose was to enhance China-HK cultural and pedagogical exchange and to broaden the horizons of students from both universities. By boosting heritage literacy, the workshop helped to promote sustainable cultural development.

Student Activities


Organic Farming Workshop

The Environmental Protection Society organized an “Organic Farming Workshop” in the afternoon of 24 September 2016. Following an introductory session on organic farming, 26 students went up to the farm on the rooftop of the Academic 2 building to try out some organic farming. This was the first farming experience for some of the students, and all of them enjoyed the opportunity very much. The event ended with some fruit-tasting, allowing participants to sample both organically-grown and conventionally-grown fruits.