Sustainability Updates

An interdisciplinary dialogue at CityU

July 2016

Current Updates


CityU’s Project Flame Promotes Zero Carbon Life

Reducing carbon emissions and resolving global warming should not just be a dream. It should be part of our everyday life. A full-day event named Zero Carbon Inno-Day: Sustainable Living 2016, jointly organized by Project Flame of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and the Jockey Club CarbonCare Open Innovation Lab (COIL), was held at CityU on 9 April 2016. A number of activities were designed by environmental protection experts, academics and green corporations to explore the infinite possibilities of a zero carbon life. Dr. Yanto Chadra (Dept. of Public Policy) hosted a workshop entitled “Green Lifestyle with Bricolage” to brainstorm innovative uses for little used household items.

Sustainable Development of Hong Kong: A Joint Summer Course by City University and Arizona State University

Building upon the successful experience of the past two years, CityU joined hands with Arizona State University (ASU) once again to offer a two-week intensive summer course on “Sustainable Development of Hong Kong” between 5 and 17 June 2016. Co-taught by Dr. Shi Han and Ms. Michelle Ma (Dept. of Public Policy) of the Department of Public Policy, CityU, and Professor Rob Melnick, Executive Director of the Global Institute of Sustainability and School of Sustainability at ASU, about 40 PhD, Masters and undergraduate students from both universities went on field trips and developed policy ideas to address Hong Kong’s sustainability challenges in the fields of transportation, food security, land use, housing and conservation/biodiversity. A poster exhibition of the students’ sustainability proposals was held on 17 June 2016 at CityU where other students, teachers and staff visited and exchanged views on the sustainability challenges and insights, and the learning experience from the course.

Sustainability Literacy Test – A global initiative from the United Nations

To continuously raise the awareness on sustainability, CityU conducted the second run of the Sustainability Literacy Test during 1 – 11 March 2016 and 5 – 15 April 2016. This second run attracted over 400 students to participate; out of which more than 200 students completed the Test and received the certificates of completion. It was encouraging to have around 90% increase in student participation this year, as compared with that in 2014-2015, and the completion rate was around 70% both years. The online Test is initiated by the United Nations and consists of 50 multiple-choice questions capturing both international and local dimensions. CityU will continue to run the Test in the future.

Looking Ahead


CityU Sports Hall Incident – Follow-up Action to Enhance Campus Safety

A nine-person Investigation Committee (IC) was set up by the President of CityU on 23 May 2016 to conduct an investigation into the collapse of the roof structure on 20 May 2016 of the Chan Tai Ho Multi-purpose Hall (the Sports Hall) located inside the CityU Hu Fa Kuang Sports Centre. The IC completed its investigation and submitted an investigation report to the University on 6 June 2016. The major findings and recommendations have been accepted by the University. CityU fully agrees with the concluding remarks of the IC which reminds us that “we all – CityU, the Hong Kong Government, legislators, the construction industry, landscapers and promoters of green culture in Hong Kong – need to learn from this incident and take note that decisions concerning roof greening should be premised upon the priority of structural safety”. CityU is committed to the promotion of sustainability and a green campus and will, in the process, endeavour to address issues related to grey areas and to clarify standards with a view to enhancing the safety of green projects.

Sustainability Exhibition

Co-organized by the Office of the Provost and the Library, the Sustainability Exhibition held between 5 and 29 April 2016 at the Multi-purpose Lobby was attended by over 450 visitors and was well received by students and staff. Over 200 of them participated in an online quiz for the exhibition with 90% of them got correct answers. Participating departments/projects included: TAB2@CityU (Dept. of Biology and Chemistry), Green Connections (Dept. of Architecture and Civil Engineering), Promoting Issues of Sustainability Through Contemporary Media (School of Creative Media), Sustainable 3D printing (School of Creative Media) and Apollon Solar Car (Dept. of Electronic Engineering). Another Sustainability Exhibition will be launched in October 2016 to showcase the outcomes of Campus Sustainability Projects and campus-wide sustainability initiatives. Details will be announced later. Please keep an eye out!

Sustainability-related Seminars/Conferences


APIGBA Award Intelligent Green Building Forum 2016

The APIGBA Award Intelligent Green Building Forum was held on 6 June 2016 at City University of Hong Kong and organized by the Asia Institute of Intelligent Building (AIIB). The forum was officially opened by Professor Linda Li, Associate Provost of City University of Hong Kong and Professor Show-Ling Wen, Honorary President of Taiwan Intelligent Building Association. Participants included a wide range of experts in the field of intelligence and green buildings from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and China. Following the technical paper presentations, speakers from Hong Kong and Macau presented a special showcase with the latest developments and technology on intelligent green buildings. There was an ‘Intelligent Green Building Technical Visit’ as a post-forum activity to strengthen the experience. The next Forum will be held in 2018 in South Korea. Please look out for the details.

Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF)


Organic Food Carnival and Sustainable Agriculture

The Organic Food Carnival was held at CityU on 8 April 2016, designed by Dr. Chan Yuk Wah (Dept. of Asian and International Studies) as a teaching and learning activity for her GE course “Food: Culture, Science and Society”. This is the second year the event was organized, after a successful debut last year. Six organic farms participated; and staff and students shared their food-growing experiences, bringing their produce to the campus. Professor Jonathan Wong, Director of the Hong Kong Organic Resources Centre, hosted a seminar on “Misconceptions about Organic Food and Agriculture”. Participants showed their support for local food and called for more events to be held on campus to raise awareness on sustainable agriculture. Along this theme, Dr. Chan organized another event entitled the June Corn Festival 2016 at CityU on 20 June 2016.

Smart Bin & a Sustainable Campus: Turning Waste into Energy

Dr. Alicia An (School of Energy and Environment) was granted HK$132,000 funding from the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) in 2016-2017 to support her project, Smart Bin – a food waste recycling bio-system technology. She has received an additional funding of HK$300,000 from the Land and Housing Institute (LHI) of South Korea to build a database of food waste reduction on campus. Smart Bin, a food waste collecting system equipped with a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader for monitoring and collecting data, is, in addition, an internal treatment system for converting food waste into ready-to-use fertilizer. Smart Bin will be used on campus starting from August and be placed outside the Garden Café.

2016 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Green Ambassador Scheme

38 students participated in the 3-day Hong Kong Sevens to serve as Green Ambassadors (GA) from 8 to10 April 2016. The CityU students worked closely with the Environment Protection Department (EPD), the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and the Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) to redesign plastic recycling bins and execute on-site waste audits for this mega Hong Kong event. The GA surveyed spectators at the event to investigate their awareness of plastic waste recycling and the effectiveness of the redesigned bins. The results will be shared with the HKRU to help establish a long-term waste reduction strategy at similar events in the future. The partnership experience between CityU students, the HKRU, the EPD, and the LSCD at this event had been shared in a Climate Change Engagement Forum organized by the EPD on 12 July 2016. The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Green Ambassador Scheme, led by Public Policy students Steven Ho, Alaric Hui and Regine Cheung, was funded by Campus Sustainability Fund 2015-2016.