Sustainability Updates

An interdisciplinary dialogue at CityU

March 2016

Current Updates


CityU completes convenorship for Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium

City University of Hong Kong (CityU) completed its role as the 2015 convenor for the Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium (HKSCC). A number of activities were organized; these included formulating a Sustainability Purchasing Framework, enhancing the Consortium’s annual reporting framework to better inform the public about the sustainability performance of the higher education sector in Hong Kong, co-organizing the China Green Building Forum and the Hong Kong Tertiary Schools COP21 Challenge, and exchanging ideas on campus sustainability with government officials. Professor Linda Chelan Li, who served as convenor this past year, would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank the wider community for their valuable support of the Consortium. The convenor of the HKSCC in 2016 is Mr. Andy Lee Shiu-chuen, Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary cum Chairman of Environmental Health and Safety Committee, Hong Kong Baptist University. For enquiries and suggestions, please send to

Sustainability Dialogue Series – Biodiversity

The third Dialogue, which focused on the subject of Biodiversity, was held on 25 January 2016. The Dialogue started with Professor Martin Painter of the Department of Public Policy describing human impact on wildlife habitats. He shared his observations of both the conservation and destruction of wildlife habitats taking place in Sulawesi, a tropical rainforest in Indonesia; an area of grassland in Inner Mongolia; and Regua, an Atlantic forest in Brazil. He also made reference to the endangered bird, Jankowski’s Bunting. This was followed by a discussion led by Dr. Paul Shin of the Department of Biology and Chemistry on the three-way relationship involving biodiversity, sustainability and humans, such as the harm caused by microbeads/plastics to wildlife habitats and to our own health. During the discussion, participants actively shared their views and suggestions for sustainable living within the CityU campus.

Looking Ahead


Sustainability Literacy Test – A global initiative from the United Nations

CityU supports this global initiative and conducted a successful pilot run of the Test in spring 2014. Questions capturing specific local dimensions were revised after the pilot by expert groups in Hong Kong. CityU is going to conduct the second run of the Sustainability Literacy Test in March and April 2016. The Test is a tool to raise awareness of sustainability issues among higher education students worldwide. This is not a competition, but an invaluable learning opportunity. Please participate in the Sustainability Literacy Test!

Wellness March Programmes 2016

The “Wellness March”, a programme addressing holistic well-being, has been organized by the Student Development Services (SDS) since 1996. This year, on its 20th anniversary, a variety of activities are being organized between February and April 2016 with an opening ceremony to be held at the University Concourse, CityU, on 26 March 2016 (Friday). Two activities are co-organized by TAB2@CityU, a citizen scientist programme funded by the Campus Sustainability Fund. The activities are (a) BioBlitz@CityU, a competition in which the recruiting teams (comprised of 3 CityU staff members and students) compete with each other to record the highest number of species of three specific groups of wildlife (i.e., birds, insects, as well as frogs and toads) found within the campus; and (b) Guided Tours to Campus Hillside Trail. Please come and join us!

Sustainability-related Seminars/Conferences


Permaculture Design Courses & Seminar

An Urban Permaculture Systems Seminar, which is one of the Permaculture Design Courses & Seminar series organized by the Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden and the Green Hub, will be held on 6 April 2016. Participants will learn more about how permaculture can revitalise urban environments around the world and make cities better places in which to live. Since CityU is one of the supporting organizations of the event, staff and students who register with a CityU email account will receive a refund of $20 at the reception to the seminar. The application deadline for this seminar is 15 March 2016. More courses in the series will be coming in March and April 2016. Please keep an eye open for them!

ISCN 2016 Leadership for a Sustainable Future

The International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) is going to organize a conference entitled “Leadership for a Sustainable Future” at the University of Siena, Italy, between 13 and 15 June 2016. The event will provide a platform for individuals around the globe who are interested in sustainability in higher education and on corporate campuses to network with top-tier universities, gain new perspectives from world-renowned speakers and exchange practical strategies for their own campus development. Participants can enjoy an early bird discount if they register on or before 8 April 2016. CityU as member of ISCN will join the conference to share our experience in extending sustainability on campus and in society.

Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF)


Results of the 5th round of Campus Sustainability Fund Application

In the 5th round of the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) call for proposals, a total of HK$2.16 million has been granted to 14 projects in Category A on the themes of waste audit, waste management and recycling, energy consumption, renewable energy, smart bins, sustainability education and research, urban agriculture, and stress management; and Category B on the theme of enhanced sustainability collaboration. A total of 22 proposals were received and reviewed by an Assessment Panel comprising the Associate Provost (Strategic Planning) as Chair and representatives from six Schools and a student member. Applications for Category B projects are now closed until the next round of the CSF.

Hong Kong’s first Campus Air Monitoring (CAM) Network

Energy consumption involving ventilation and air conditioning in buildings represents a major share of campus-wide energy usage. However, the microclimate inside the classrooms can be used as an essential indicator for the smart energy-saving ventilation system. Led by Dr. Zhi Ning from the School of Energy and Environment (SEE) and Mr. Percy Kong from the Campus Development and Facility Office (CDFO), five state-of-the art sensor packages have been installed in LT-3, LT-13, the AC3 study area, the University entrance and the U- circle to provide students and staff with campus-wide air and environment information . For further information about the air inside and around the campus, please visit the project website.

Student Activities on Sustainability


Low Carbon Cookery Workshop

Coordinated by the Environmental Protection Society (EPS) of the Student Union, 24 CityU and CCCU students participated in a low-carbon cookery workshop, which took place in the morning of 5 March 2016 at Green Hub, Tai Po. The purpose of the workshop was to increase students’ awareness and interest in a low-carbon lifestyle. Low-carbon initiatives have become a global focus for climate solutions.