Joint-U Campaign 2020 – UNIfy: Sustainable Living #StayAtHome Edition

Following the success of the Joint-U campaigns in previous years, the eight member universities of Hong Kong Sustainability Consortium for Campus (HKSCC) decided to continue this meaningful collective campaign to once again actualise the beauty and power of synergy

In light of the escalating COVID-19 pandemic around the world, most of us had been staying at home for study and work to prevent virus transmission. HKSCC presented our annual Joint University Campaign titled, “UNIfy: Sustainable Living #StayAtHome Edition” online to promote healthy and sustainable living during this challenging period.

Every week in April 2020, we shared tips on four themes as shown below:

  1. Wellness (3 tips to keep your mind and body healthy);
  2. Energy Saving (3 tips to make your home more energy efficient);
  3. Low-carbon Diet (3 tips to adopt a low carbon healthy diet); and
  4. Zero-waste (3 tips to be green at home).