BioBlit is a global programme that involves the public (non-specialists) to conduct intensive biological survey within a designated area over a continuous time period (usually 24 hours). The ultimate goal is to raise the public’s awareness and interest in biodiversity. BioBlitz programme has been organized in 14 different places, in which the first Hong Kong BioBlitz was organized by Tai Tam Tuk Foundation in the period of 24-25 October, 2015 at Tai Tam Site of Special Scietific Interest with 578 recorded species.

A total of 21 CityU staff and students had formed into 7 teams (each team with 3 members) to join the BioBlitz@CityU which took place on 04 March 2016. This event allowed the participating team to search for three groups of animals: birds, frogs/toads and insects within the CityU campus for 24 hours. The team members need not to provide the names of the animals recorded, but required to take photos on the animals as a record for earning a count. The team with highest count of animal species wins the competition. During that day, a total of 23 species of birds, 16 species of butterflies/moths, 65 species of other insects and a species of frog had been recorded.. The winning team had successfully recorded totally 65 species of target wildlife within CityU campus. Among these species, 6 species of birds and 2 species of butterflies are new records to the current CityU database. The CityU database had been updated and can be accessed via the following link:

BioBlitz @CityU Results

Team Birds Butterflies/moths Frogs/toads Other insects Total Rank
C.C.C 10 2 1 14 27 3
City in Wild 11 6 1 17 35 2
Discovery Channel 12 4 0 10 26 4
FBI Investigators 16 9 1 39 65 1
Little Cloud and Pretty Man 9 2 1 12 24 5
Wildcat 5 0 1 18 24 5
Cumulative species 23 16 1 65 -- --

Prepared by Billy Kwan (Biology and Chemistry Department)
TAB2@CityU Programme Coordinator