Policies, Guidelines & Practices

The University’s sustainable development includes three constituent domains:

  • Environmental Sustainability:
    • CityU's Environmental Policy seeks to ensure that our operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner. (e.g, recycling resources and reducing our carbon footprint)
    • Academic and administrative units are encouraged to devise implementation strategy to suit their respective needs within the parameters of University Guidelines under the Environmental Policy.
  • Social Sustainability:
    • Human Resource Office provides faculty and staff with people management and development services in a caring way to contribute to the fulfilment of the University's Mission. It seeks to develop a trusting culture and a constructive relationship to enable staff to realize their best potentials and maximize their contribution to the University.
    • Student Development Services enriches students' educational experience and whole person development.
    • Student Residence Office encourages environmental friendly living and develops ethical personal value system.
  • Economic Sustainability:
    • Finance Office ensures resources are well used and properly accounted for in accordance with the requirements of the University Grants Committee and other government authorities.

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