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What we are doing to minimize food waste?

CityU launched an 18-month “Zero Food Waste” campaign in early 2012 to encourage the University community to be more sensitive to food waste issues and to contribute to more sustainable ways of living. The campaign, the first of its kind among local tertiary institutions, was sponsored by the Environment and Conversation Fund. Other programs to minimize the food waste include:

  • Food Waste Recycling Trolleys: Since 2011, food waste generated from all the catering outlets at CityU has been collected and converted to fish feed while that generated from staff residential quarters has been put into three mini electric organic waste decomposers for recycling into fertilizer for landscaping use on campus.
  • "Less Rice, One Dollar Less": It helps to reduce food waste by ordering a smaller rice portion in canteens and get a reduction of one dollar.

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The Food Grace – Green Mid-Autumn Festival
"Zero Food Waste Week in CityU"
Kick-off Ceremony