Sustainability Summit
Pathways to a Sustainable Hong Kong

The Sustainability Summit is one of the signature events designed to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of City University of Hong Kong (CityU). It brings together international and CityU academics, policy experts and government, business and NGO leaders to discuss the sustainability challenges faced by Hong Kong and the East Asia region.

The overarching theme of the Summit is sustainable policy-making. The discussion will adopt a policy orientation involving better and more sustainable policy-making and implementation decisions, anchored in a specific context (Hong Kong and East Asia). It will draw upon multiple disciplines, including the arts and humanities, business and social sciences, and science and engineering. The Summit structure is designed to illustrate how these disciplines can contribute to a sustainable process of policy-making and implementation that will lead to effective policy design, efficient execution, and enhanced impacts.

For a detailed discussion, please refer to the "Thought Piece".