Film Screening on Climate Change - "Taivalu"


"The island nation of Tuvalu is expected to be the first victim of rising sea levels associated with climate change. This documentary examines the current situation in Tuvalu and draws parallels with ecological situations facing Taiwan. The film won the Grand Prize and Best Documentary Prize at the 2011 Taipei International Film Festival." – Taiwan Insights

"Tuvalu is an ally of Taiwan located in the southern Pacific Ocean. Its territory consists of only 26 square kilometers, and will be the first island nation to be submerged by the oceans once the sea level rises due to global warming. The director, Huang Hsin-yao (黃信堯), left his hometown after the 1988 flooding disaster in Taiwan in search of this disappearing island called Tuvalu. The filming process is marked by a succession of unexpected events." – IMDb

There will be a post-screening discussion with the director, Huang Hsin-yao. Dr Louisa Wei, our Associate Professor from the School of Creative Media, will have a dialogue with Director Huang, and explore the question: what insights might we draw from the climate change issues facing Taiwan to help us understand the challenges of climate change in Hong Kong?

The film: Taivalu (沉沒之島)

Director: Mr Hsin-yao Huang

Release date: November 2010

Length: 78 minutes




Mr Hsin-yao Huang
Director of "Taivalu", A-yao Film Studio

Moderator / Speaker:

Dr Louisa Wei Shi-yu
School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong


21 October 2014 (Tuesday)
5:00 pm - 7:45 pm


Chan Kei Biu Lecture Theatre, LT-6 (Academic 1)