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Dr. WONG Rebecca Wing Yee (王穎怡博士)

BA (Leeds), LLM (Leeds), MSc (Oxford), D.Phil (Oxford)
Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (HKU)

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office:  AC1
Phone: 34427069
Email: rebecca.wywong@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Green Criminology
  • Crime against wildlife
  • Criminal networks
  • Trust
  • Informal Banking
Rebecca completed her doctorate studies at the Department of Sociology, University of Oxford. Her primary research interests are in the fields of green criminology with a specific focus on illegal endangered wildlife trade in Hong Kong and Mainland China. She is also interested in criminal networks and issues of trust in the underworld. Her book The Illegal Wildlife Trade in China: Understanding Distribution Networks was awarded the Distinguished Book Award by the Asian Criminological Society in 2020.

She is an associate member of the Extra Legal Governance Institute and the Elephant Research & Conservation Network, University of Oxford.

Awards and Achievements

  • Jul 2017 “Visiting Scholar” Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement .
  • 2018 “Visiting Professor ” Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • 2020 “Distinguished Book Award” Asian Society of Criminology.

Previous Experience

  • 2014 - 2016, Visiting Fellow, Department of Public Policy, City University of Hong Kong.

Research Grants

  • Exploratory Study of Attitudes toward Violence among Hong Kong People, Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (Special Round), Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office , 2020 - Now, Oliver H.C, Chan (PI).
  • A study of the illegal trade and consumption patterns of Totoaba fish maw in Hong Kong and China , Ocean Park Conservation Foundation , 2017 - Now, Rebecca W.Y. Wong .
  • Why Do Criminals Honour Illegal Agreements? A Case Study of the Illegal Supply of State-protected Wildlife as Delicacy in China , Early Career Scheme, Research Grant Council , Amount: HKD $489,704, Rebecca W.Y. Wong (PI).

Publications Show All Publications Show Prominent Publications


  • Wong, Rebecca. W.Y. , Lee, Chee Yan. , Cheung, Hubert. , Lam, Jack. Y.K. & Tang, Cecile. (Mar 2020). A Case Study of the Online Trade of CITES-listed Chelonians in Hong Kong. Chelonian Conservation and Biology.
  • (2020). Shadow Operations in Wildlife Trade under China's Belt and Road Initiative. China Information. doi:10.1177/0920203X20948680
  • Chan, Oliver. H.C. & Wong, Rebecca. W.Y. (2019). Childhood and adolescent animal cruelty and subsequent interpersonal violence in adulthood: A review of the literature. Aggression and Violent Behavior. 48. doi:10.1016/j.avb.2019.08.007
  • Margulies, Jared. D. , Wong, Rebecca. W.Y. & Duffy, Rosaleen. (2019). The imaginary ‘Asian Super Consumer’: A critique of demand reduction campaigns for the illegal wildlife trade. Geoforum. doi:10.1016/j.geoforum.2019.10.005
  • Varese, Federico. , Wang, Peng. & Wong, Rebecca. W.Y. (2018). ‘Why should I trust you with my money?’: Credible commitments in the Informal Economy in China. British Journal of Criminology. doi:10.1093/bjc/azy061
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  • (2019). The Illegal Wildlife Trade in China: Understanding Distribution Networks. Palgrave Studies in Green Criminology.

Book Chapter

  • (2020). 'Criminological Perspectives on Environmental Crime’. Research Handbook on Transnational Crime. Edward Elgar.

Last update date : 14 Jan 2022