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Dr. FUNG Sai Fu (馮世富博士)

BSocSc (CityUHK), MA, PhD (Warwick)

Instructor I

Contact Information

Office: B7422 AC1
Phone: (+852)34424311
Fax: (+852)34420283
Email: sffung@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Comparative Democratization
  • Politics of East and Southeast Asia
  • Political Sociology
  • Social Research Methods
  • Sociology of Sport
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Psychometrics
Simon has obtained his BSocSc major in East and Southeast Asian Studies with First Class Honours from City University of Hong Kong and received MA in Politics and PhD in Politics and International Studies (under the supervision of Dr. Renske Doorenspleet and Dr. Lena Rethel) from the University of Warwick. Prior to joining City University of Hong Kong, he served in the University of Hong Kong.

Research Grant

  • Civil Society to China: Hong Kong NGOs Strategies to Protect the Rights of Occupational Disease Victims in China since the 1980s , College Research Committee, CityU, Apr 2012 - Apr 2013, Sai-fu Fung (PI).
  • Knowledge Transfer Initiatives in Humanities and Social Disciplines, College Research Committee, CityU, 2011 - 2012, Catherine C. H. Chiu, Wa-man Kwong.
  • Employability amongst Hong Kong University Students: Validating a Scale of Self-perceived Employability, College Research Committee, CityU, 2010 - 2011, Wai-leung Cheung (PI), Dannii Yuen-lam Yeung (Co-I), Sai-fu Fung (Co-I).
  • Roads to Success in Hong Kong among Recent Immigrants from the Chinese Mainland: Implications for Immigration Policy, CERG Project, 2006 - 2008, Kwan-kwok Leung, Sik-hung Ng, Wing-cheung Chan and Chau-kiu Cheung.

Publication Show All Publications Show Prominent Publications


  • Fung, Sai-fu. (2019). Psychometric Evaluation of the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS) with Chinese University Students. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes. 17:46. doi:10.1186/s12955-019-1113-1 (IF: 2.911, Q2; 23/79 HEALTH POLICY & SERVICES)
  • Han, Bo. , Tsang, Ivor. , Chen, Ling. , Yu, Celina. & Fung, Sai-fu. (2018). Progressive Stochastic Learning for Noisy Labels. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. 29(10). 5136 - 5148. doi:10.1109/TNNLS.2018.2792062 (IF: 7.659; Q1; 2/103 COMPUTER SCIENCE, THEORY & METHODS)
  • Ji, Shaoxiong. , Yu, Celina Ping. , Fung, Sai-fu. , Pan, Shirui. & Long, Guodong. (2018). Suicidal Ideation Detection for Online User Contents. Complexity. 2018, 6157249. doi:10.1155/2018/6157249 (IF: 1.824; Q2; 22/64 MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES)
  • Ho, Wing-chung. & Fung, Sai-fu. (2015). Social Estrangement with Chinese Characteristics: The Testimonies of Cadmium-poisoned Women Workers at and away from Home. China: An International Journal. 13(2). 45 - 66. doi:https://muse.jhu.edu/article/589971 (IF: 0.422; Q4; 61/68 AREA STUDIES)

Conference Paper

  • Hu, Ruiqi. , Yu, Celina Ping. , Fung, Sai-fu. , Pan, Shirui. , Wang, Haishuai. & Long, Guodong. (May 2017). Universal Network Representation for Heterogeneous Information Networks. The 2017 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN). Alaska. USA: doi:10.1109/IJCNN.2017.7965880
  • Fung, Sai-fu. (Mar 2012). Political Transformation in Libya: A Lesson from Other Transitional States. 7th Annual Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong. Hong Kong. China: .
  • Cheung, R. & Fung, S. (Apr 2011). Fostering Career Exploration among University Students through a General Education Course in Hong Kong. CDAA International Career Conference. Cairns. Australia: .
  • Fung, Sai-fu. (May 2007). Endless Democratic Transition in Thailand. Inter-Asian Culture, Communication, Conflict, and Peace. Hong Kong. China: .
  • Fung, Sai-fu. (Jan 2007). Political Culture and Democratization: A Case Study of Hong Kong and Singapore. 2nd Annual Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong. Hong Kong. China: .
  • Man, Lai-yuet. & Fung, Sai-fu. (Jan 2007). The Impact of Free Trade on East and Southeast Asian Countries: The Emergence of Regional Trade Organization?. 2nd Annual Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong. Hong Kong. China: .
  • Fung, Sai-fu. (Mar 2005). Economic Development and Democratization: Political Culture among the Middle Class and the General Public in Hong Kong from the 1970s to 1991. The Second Wales and South-West England Postgraduate Conference in Politics. Cardiff. United Kingdom: .


  • Leung, Kwan-Kwok. , Ng, Sik-hung. , Chan, Wing-cheung. , Cheung, Chau-kiu. & Fung, Sai-fu. (2007). Roads to Success in Hong Kong among New Arrivals from the Chinese Mainland. Hong Kong:  Department of Applied Social Studies, City University of Hong Kong. 978-962-442-291-7.
  • Hills, Peter. , Law, Winnie. , Mantel, Sukhmani Kaur. , Cheung, Ka-yan. , Chow, Joyce. , Fung, Simon. & Lo, Sing-wun. (2006). A Conservation Trust for Hong Kong: Learning from International Experience. Hong Kong:  Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management, The University of Hong Kong.

External Services

Public Service

  • 2019 - Now, Member of Olympic Day Organizing Committee, Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC).
  • 2019 - Now, Member of Trampoline Technical Committee, Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU).Doha, Qatar.
  • 2018 - Now, Executive Committee Member, Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association.
  • 2011 - Now, Invited Member, Public Affairs Forum, Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

Professional Activity

  • 2014 - Now, Managing Editor, Bandung: Journal of the Global South.

Service in CityU

Administrative Assignment

  • 2013 - Now, BSocSc in Applied Sociology, Year Co-ordinator.

Research / Thesis Supervision

  • 2013 - Now, SS6591 Integrative Project (Master Dissertation), MSocSc in Applied Sociology.
  • 2008 - Now, SS4595 Independent Study (Final Year Project), BSocSc in Applied Sociology.

Teaching Service

  • 2016 - Now, SS5213 Social Work Research Methods .
  • 2016 - Now, SS5421 Qualitative Research Methods.
  • 2015 - 2016, SS4001 Social Work Practice Evaluation .
  • 2012 - 2013, GE2223 Interpersonal Skills and Positive Personal .
  • 2011 - Now, SS3428 Applied Qualitative Research Methods.
  • 2011 - 2012, SS5401 Social Science Perspectives.
  • 2010 - 2016, GE2218 Career Excellence in the 21st Century.
  • 2010 - Now, SS2024 Social Problems and Interventions.
  • 2010 - 2012, SS2027 Social Statistics and Research Methods.
  • 2010 - Now, SS3418 Public Opinion Polling.
  • 2010 - 2011, SS4585 Social Capital and Sustainable Development.
  • 2009 - 2010, SS3420 Applied Social Research Methods.
  • 2007 - 2009, SS1100 Hong Kong and Its People.
  • 2007 - Now, SS2025 Political Sociology.
  • 2007 - Now, SS2029 Basic Sociology.
  • 2007 - 2010, SS2307 Sociology for Everyday Life.
  • 2007 - 2009, SS2308 Basic Principles in Sociology.
  • 2007 - Now, SS3427 Professional Internship in Applied Sociology.

Voluntary Services in Sport Community

  • Executive Committee Member, Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China (GAHK) (2012 - Now) [URL]
  • Technical Committee Member, Trampoline Technical Committee, GAHK (2006 - Now)
  • Chairperson, Organizing Committee of the Hong Kong Cup 2019 (FIG ID: 16079). (2019)
  • Judge (HKG), 3rd Trampoline Singapore Invitational Championship (2018)
  • Judge (HKG), 26th FIG Trampoline Gymnasrics World Age Group Competitions, (FIG ID: 15409), St. Petersburg, Russia (2018)
  • Judge (HKG), XVIII Asian Games in Trampoline Gymnastics (FIG ID: 15848), Jakarta, Indonesia (2018)
  • Judge (HKG), Coimbra Gym Fest 2018 (FIG ID: 15530), Coimbra, Portugal (2018)
  • Chairperson, Organising Committee of Hong Kong Trampoline International Invitation Championships (2018)
  • Judge (HKG), 4th TRA Senior Asian Championships (FIG ID: 15840), Manila, Philippines (2018)
  • Judge (HKG), 4th TRA Junior Asian Championships (FIG ID: 15808), Manila, Philippines (2018)
  • Judge (HKG), FIG TRA World Cup (FIG ID: 15010), Brescia, Italy (2018)
  • Judge (HKG), Trampoline Cup 2018 (FIG ID: 15508), Brescia, Italy (2018)
  • Head of Delegation (HKG), Hong Kong Trampoline Squad Training, Beijing Sport University, China (2017)
  • Member, Organizing Committee of National Gymnastics Extravaganza 2017
  • Judge (HKG), Irtyshskiye Zory-2017 (FIG ID: 15136), Pavlodar, Kazakhstan (2017)
  • Judge (HKG) Gymnastics Club Cup, Macau (2017)
  • Judge (HKG), FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Cup (FIG ID: 14336), Shanghai, China (2016)
  • Judge (HKG) Gymnastics Club Cup, Macau (2016)
  • Judge (HKG), Chinese National Championship in Trampoline Gymnastics, Guangzhou, China (2015)
  • Superior Jury, Hong Kong Intenational Trampoline Championship (2015)
  • Vice-Chairperson, Organising Committee of Hong Kong International Trampoline Championship (2015)
  • Judge (HKG), 1st Trampoline Singapore Invitational Championship, Singapore (2015)
  • Judge (HKG), Thailand Trampoline International Club Championship, Bangkok, Thailand (2015)
  • Judge (HKG), National Trampoline Gymnastics Championship, Tientsin, China (2014)
  • Superior Jury, Trampoline Gymnastics Competition, 16th Guangzhou Youth Games, Guangzhou, China (2014)
  • Head of Delegation and Judge (HKG), 2nd Machida City International Trampoline Competition in Tokyo, Japan (2013)
  • Judge (HKG), 2nd Trampoline Gymnastics International Friendly, Singapore (2012)
  • Member, Organizing Committee of National Artistic Gymnastics Championship 2011
    (Host: General Administration of Sport of China and Chinese Gymnastics Association; Organizer: GAHK).
  • Head of Delegation and Judge (HKG), Machida City International Trampoline Competition in Tokyo, Japan (2008)
  • Head of Delegation (HKG), FIG World Cup Trampoline & Tumbling in Kunshan City, China (2007)
  • Judge (HKG), Doha Asian Games Test Event: Challenge at Aspire – Trampoline, Qatar (2006)
  • Judge and Delegation Official (HKG), Hong Kong Trampoline Squad Training, Guangzhou, China (2006)

Consultancy Project

  • Survey on Opinions towards City Express (Contracted by City Express, Shing Hin Catering Group, Hong Kong, worked with Mr. Stephen K. Ma), 2010
  • Develop Teaching Materials for the New Senior Secondary Core Subject – Liberal Studies Module 3: Modern China (Contracted to QEC, CityU by Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region), 2007
  • Promoting Sustainable Tourism Development in Southern District: The Role of Wong Chuk Hang & its Surroundings (Contracted to CUPEM, HKU by Southern District Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region), 2006
  • Sustainable Development for New Town: The Potentials of Tuen Mun District from Economic, Social and Environmental Perspectives (Contracted to CUPEM, HKU by Tuen Mun District Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region), 2006
  • Designing Workshops on Sustainable Development (Contracted to CUPEM, HKU by Sustainable Development Unit of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government), 2006
  • A Conservation Trust for Hong Kong: Learning from International Experience (Contracted to CUPEM, HKU by Green Power), 2006

Professional Qualification/Community

  • Judging Qualification:
    • International Brevet Judge in Trampoline Gymnastics (Cycle X to XIV), Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) (2001 to Now)
    • GAHK Trampoline and Artisitic Gymnastics Judge
    • British Gymnastics (BG) Trampoline Judge
    • Possess judging experiences in various TRA national, regional and international competitions (including World Cups, Asian Championships and Asian Games) in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Kazakhstan, Macau, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand and United Kingdom
  • Coaching Qualification:
    • FIG Trampoline Academy Level 1 (FIG ID: 14910)
    • GAHK Trampoline Coach
    • GAHK Registered Coach
  • Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship, Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund (2004)

Last update date : 22 Mar 2019