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Dr. ZWETSLOOT Inez Maria

PhD, MSc and BSc from University of Amsterdam

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office: P6524 Yeung Kin Man Academic Building (AC1)
Phone: (+852 3442) 6155
Email: i.m.zwetsloot@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Statistical process monitoring
  • Industrial statistics
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Operational Excellence

Inez Zwetsloot is assistant professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management at the City University of Hong Kong. Her research focusses on statistical process control, industrial statistics, Lean Six Sigma and operations management.

Inez has taught various courses on Lean Six Sigma, data analytics, statistics and operations management. She is also lecturer of the online coursera course " Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma". This course can be audited for free online at: www.coursera.org/learn/data-analytics-for-lean-six-sigma.

Inez received her PhD from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2016. Her thesis, entitled "EWMA Control Charts in Statistical Process Monitoring" was supervised by prof.dr. Ronald J.M.M. Does and dr. Marit Schoonhoven.

Previous Experience

  • 23 Apr 2016 - 18 Mar 2017, Assistant professor, University of Amsterdam. Research in the area of Industrial Statistics and Quality Improvement. My focus area is Statistical Process Control. .
  • 2013 - 2016, Consultant, IBIS UvA. IBIS UvA is the Lean Six Sigma institute of the University of Amsterdam. As consultant I was responsible for teaching and supervision of quality and efficiency projects. .

Publication Show All Publications Show Prominent Publications


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  • Zwetsloot, Inez. M. & Woodall, William. H. (2016). A Head-to-Head comparative Study of Control Charts based on Estimated Parameters. Quality Engineering. 29(2). 244 - 253. doi:10.1080/08982112.2016.1237651
  • Saleh, N. A. , Zwetsloot, I. M. , Mahmoud, M. A. & Woodall, W. H. (2016). CUSUM Chart with Controlled Conditional Performance Under Estimated Parameters. Quality Engineering. 28(4). 402 - 415.
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  • Zwetsloot, I. M. (2016). EWMA Control Charts in Statistical Process Monitoring. (PhD Thesis ed.). Amsterdam:  .


  • Lecturer of the Year
    Amsterdam MBA, University of Amsterdam, November 2016.
    In recognition of her dedication and commitment to teaching in the Amsterdam MBA class of 2014-2016 and 2015-2016, Inez Zwetsloot has been voted Lecturer of the Year by the students
  • Lecturer of the Year
    Master of Real Estate, Amsterdam School of Real, October 2016
    Voted lecturer of the class of 2015-2017 of Master of Real Estate for the course `Introduction to Data Analysis'.

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