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Dr Lindsay Miller

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: Y7631 AC1
Phone: 34428854
Fax: 34420288
Email: enlinds@cityu.edu.hk
Dr Lindsay Miller has worked at CityU since 1990. He has been responsible for designing, developing and teaching a wide variety of courses in the Department of English. In the area of English for Specific Purposes Lindsay has taught mainly 'English for Science' courses. In undergraduate courses he teaches mostly listening and speaking proficiency skills and conceptual courses on learner strategies. The postgraduate courses he teaches are mainly concerned with such topics as learner autonomy and critical pedagogy. Lindsay's main areas of research have focused on self-access language learning, academic listening, and English for Science and Technology. He has co-authored two books in these areas for Cambridge University Press, Establishing Self-Access: From Theory To Practice (1999) and Second Language Listening: Theory and Practice (2005). He is a founding member of the Hong Kong Association of Self-Access Learning and Development (HASALD), and over the past twelve years he has been invited to give lectures, seminars and workshops in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Pakistan, Spain, the UK, and the USA. Apart from his teaching and research, Lindsay has also held two main administrative posts, as Associate Head of The English and Communication Department (2003-2005), and Associate Dean (Undergraduate Curriculum) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (2005-2008).

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Book Chapter

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