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Dr. LAM Kam Yiu (林金耀博士)


Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: Y6411 YEUNG
Phone: 34429807
Fax: 34420503
Email: cskylam@cityu.edu.hk
Web: Personal Homepage

Research Interests

  • Mobile and Pervasive Computing
  • Real-time and Embedded Systems
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
Dr Lam’s research interests include mobile computing, location dependent services, real-time data management and mobile multimedia systems. He was the guest editor of the special issue of the Journal of Systems and Software on Real-time Active Database Systems, and co-editor of the book Real-Time Database Systems: Architecture and Techniques. He has been the Admissions Tutor of the Department since 1997.

Selected Publications

  • Ming Xiong, Song Han, Deji Chen, Kam-yiu Lam, Shan Feng: DESH: overhead reduction algorithms for deferrable scheduling. Real-Time Systems 44(1-3): 1-25 (2010)
  • Ming Xiong, Song Han, Kam-yiu Lam, Deji Chen: Deferrable Scheduling for Maintaining Real-Time Data Freshness: Algorithms, Analysis, and Results. IEEE Trans. Computers 57(7): 952-964 (2008)
  • Reynold Cheng, Kam-yiu Lam, Sunil Prabhakar, BiYu Liang: An efficient location update mechanism for continuous queries over moving objects. Inf. Syst. 32(4): 593-620 (2007)
  • Joe Chun-Hung Yuen, Edward Chan, Kam-yiu Lam: Real time video frames allocation in mobile networks using cooperative pre-fetching. Multimedia Tools Appl. 32(3): 329-352 (2007)
  • Kam-yiu Lam, Calvin K. H. Chiu: The design of a wireless real-time visual surveillance system. Multimedia Tools Appl. 33(2): 175-199 (2007)
  • Song Han, Edward Chan, Reynold Cheng, Kam-yiu Lam: A statistics-based sensor selection scheme for continuous probabilistic queries in sensor networks. Real-Time Systems 35(1): 33-58 (2007)
  • Ming Xiong, BiYu Liang, Kam-yiu Lam, Yang Guo: Quality of Service Guarantee for Temporal Consistency of Real-Time Transactions. IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 18(8): 1097-1110 (2006)
  • Kam-yiu Lam, Chris C. H. Ngan: Temporal pre-fetching of dynamic web pages. Inf. Syst. 31(3): 149-169 (2006)
  • Chuanlin Zhang, Kam-yiu Lam, Weijia Jia: Bandwidth Reservation Using Velocity and Handoff Statistics for Cellular Networks. J. Comput. Sci. Technol. 21(6): 1031-1039 (2006)
  • Hongya Wang, Guo-Qin Ning, Guohui Li, Kam-yiu Lam: Mobile Real-Time Read-Only Transaction Processing in Broadcast Disks. J. Inf. Sci. Eng. 22(5): 1249-1264 (2006)
  • Kam-yiu Lam, Özgür Ulusoy: Adaptive schemes for location update generation in execution location-dependent continuous queries. Journal of Systems and Software 79(4): 441-453 (2006)
  • Joe Chun-Hung Yuen, Edward Chan, Kam-yiu Lam: A buffered-bandwidth approach for supporting real-time video streaming over cellular networks. Multimedia Tools Appl. 28(1-2): 141-155 (2006)