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Dr Christoph Hafner

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: M8097 CMC
Phone: 34428734
Fax: 34420288
Email: elhafner@cityu.edu.hk
Web: Academic Literacy Project
Christoph Hafner's principal research interests include English language teaching and learning, legal English and digital literacies. In particular, he is interested in studying how new technologies can be utilised to support the development of both ‘traditional’ domain-specific literacies (e.g. English for Law), and the ‘digital literacies’ which are necessary to exploit the potential of digital media. He has co-authored a book (with Rodney H. Jones) entitled Understanding Digital Literacies: A practical introduction (Routledge, 2012). He is principal investigator in an ongoing action research project, which investigates academic literacy in the Hong Kong context (project website here). Most recently, this project has examined university students' use of digital video to create multimedia scientific documentaries in the context of a course in English for Science. He currently teaches courses in English for Specific Purposes, Writing for New Media and Language in Law and Crime.

Award and Achievement

  • 2013 “Teaching Excellence Award” City University of Hong Kong.

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  • Hafner, C. A. (in press). Embedding digital literacies in English language teaching: Students’ digital video projects as multimodal ensembles. TESOL Quarterly. doi:10.1002/tesq.138
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  • Hafner, C. A. (2013). The discursive construction of expertise: Appeals to authority in barrister’s opinions. English for Specific Purposes. 32/3. 131 - 143. doi:10.1016/j.esp.2013.01.003
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  • Hafner, C. A. & Candlin, C. N. (2007). Corpus tools as an affordance to learning in professional legal education. Journal of English for Academic Purposes. 6/4. 303 - 318.


  • Bhatia, V. K. , Hafner, C. A. , Miller, L. & Wagner, A. (2012). Transparency, power and control: Perspectives on legal communication. Farnham, England:  Ashgate.
  • Jones, Rodney. H. & Hafner, Christoph. A. (2012). Understanding Digital Literacies: A practical introduction. London:  Routledge.

Last update date : 15 May 2014