On 23 February 2008, Multi-function Hall A was filled with joy and laughter, the smiling faces of local, non-local and exchange students, and the smell of good food. All these scenes made up for the hurdles that we encountered and resolved when we were organising our International Food Party.

At the beginning stage, we found it hard to come up with a suitable style for the party which would also meet our budget. The budget was a real obstacle when we dreamt of holding a grand activity. We had the idea of making the activity into a food competition, which would then reduce the cost. But another issue emerged - how could we cover the cooking ingredients for each participating team and the cost of attractive prizes for the winners?


People always consider difficulties as the darkness before the dawn, which will finally be defeated by the first sunlight of the morning. Luckily, this old saying worked also for us. At our meeting with our Residence Master,Michael and all the Residence Tutors, we were inspired by an idea from Michael. He suggested that we should set up the venue and prepare some drinks, but participants should bring their own food, a ˇ§pot luckˇ¨, if they would like to join the activity. That sounded like a buffet and we could optimize our budget.
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The International Food Party
By Residents' Association, Alumni Civility Hall