Social dancing is a common feature of social events. It is an elegant and tasteful activity ˇV two characteristics which fit in perfectly with the hallmarks of Jockey Club Harmony Hall (Hall 7)- ˇ§Culture, Elegance and Good Tasteˇ¨. Thus it came as no surprise that they held a very successful dancing ball in February.

The organiser from JC Harmony Hall invited Miss Wei Jinjin, an experienced dancer who has won many prizes in dancing events ever since her very young age. She is a mainland student from Shangdong Province and is also living in our Student Residence.

One week before the Dancing Ball was held, Hall 7 organised a training session for the participants to give them a chance to learn and practise some basic dancing skills. During the training, several types of dance were taught, including Waltz, Cha-cha-cha and Rumba. It is not easy to master social dancing well, but the participants enjoyed the training immensely and learned the basic ABC of dancing.

When the formal Dancing Ball was held, everyone was well dressed and the atmosphere was quite relaxed. As we see from the pictures, with such melodious or rhythmic music, the participants enjoyed their dancing, regardless of their level. Besides dancing, we could enjoy snacks and a lucky draw.

The Dancing Ball was a success in JC Harmony Hall's activities to fulfill their hallmarks- Culture, Elegance and Good taste. And later in April, we will organise a trip to Lamma Island . We look forward
to another enjoyable experience! Check out with your Residence Tutor,
if you are a JC Harmony Hall resident!
Shall We Dance?