Since it was founded in 1997, the Wellness March campaign has aimed to promote a positive approach to life and a sense of well-being in spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, career and emotional aspects across the university.

SRO has organised three Wellness March programmes for the residence community. Playing Tai Chi can not only strengthen your body, but also cultivate your spirit and let you learn the true wisdom that ¡§still waters run deep¡¨. We have invited Master Chak, a qualified international adjudicator of Wushu, to open up a ten-session Morning Tai Chi class. A full class of 25 participants, including local, Mainland and exchange students, Residence Masters and visiting professors from our community, practise Tai Chi on our beautiful lawn every Tuesday and Thursday from March 4 - April 3 at 7:45-9:00am.

On the evening of 11 March, a Healthy Snacks Competition was successfully held with eight teams participating. It was an international competition, as exemplified by our international judging panel and participating teams. A local team from HSBC Prosperity Hall was called ¡§We are Family¡¨, echoing the community spirit of the Student Residence. They won the ¡§Most Healthy Snacks Award¡¨ with their special pudding ¡§Diversity in Prosperity¡¨. The USA team ¡§American Sweethearts¡¨ baked apple pies with their own recipe and captured the award from the audience's votes for ¡§My Favourite Snacks¡¨. Their team efforts of Hall 8 were rewarded with the ¡§Most Outstanding Teamwork Award¡¨. The taste of each cuisine was not all the same, some were spicy and some light, and they were all nutritionally rich. If you missed the delicious food, there is chance to make up for it, as the Homey Kitchen is offering a Wellness March Menu ¡§Apple and You¡¨ for the whole month of March.


The forthcoming Wellness Programme is ¡§Fragrance of the Four Seasons¡¨ - Tea Appreciation Workshop, which will be held on 25 Mar from 3:30-5:00pm at Multi-function Hall B.
Wellness March